Review: Knitty Fall 2006

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Wow, time for an old standard. The review!!! Half of you are cheering and half are throwing things at me. Ow. Hey!

Overall, I liked this one. Some very nice sweaters. Some nice socks. (*gasp* More nice things I’m saying about socks). Some, um, interesting concepts.

Overall the sweater looks like it could be cute. But. Oh and there is a but. The model looks like she raided her big sister’s sweater drawer. It does not flatter her figure. AT. ALL. But, and I know I’m probably being a bit harsh, and I don’t mean to be, but the model does not have breasts (which is okay, many beautiful women have smaller breasts and god you are so darn lucky). However, the way the the sweater sits on her it looks like it’s knit for a moderate-sized rack and because it’s not there her stomach looks larger than it is. So it makes me really, really question the fit of the sweater.

Okay, now I feel really mean. But as always it comes down to the picture. A beautiful model with what looks like a good figure that the sweater mushes around and does not do justice.

I like it and may make it Someday. Maybe a smidge longer in the torso as it looks a smidge too short for my taste. Although it does look like something my sister would have worn in college. Weird.

Cactus Flower
Not sure. There is something about it I like and something that bugs me. hmmm…

I like it.

Love the lace pattern. I’m not fond of eye hooks to fasten a cardigan, but that’s just a personal preference.

I love it. But more importantly the Husband likes it.

Cute kid. Sweater? Not so much.

Intolerable Cruelty
I am oddly fascinated by this. I love the shape of the skirt. And oddly enough I like the butt ribbon. I just don’t know why. It may be time for some counselling. It’s just so…so…cute! Of course, my butt does not look anywhere near that good so it will never be highlighted by ribbon.

Little Slip
Cute. Nothing terrible fancy, but cute.

Lizard Ridge
Another that I like but don’t like and can’t figure out why. Although the afghan with the different bars of color is interesting.

Red Herring
I don’t like the brown foot with the herringbone pattern above it. Nice idea, not the best execution.


Sox on 2 Stix
Boring socks but cool idea.

I think these sock patterns are starting to look alike to me.

Simply adorable. Nice basis for a knit backpack.
Sugar on Snow
So let me see if I understand this. It’s really cold on Vermont mornings. Cold enough that I need a hat and not a scarf. But oh gosh, it’s gotten warmer so I don’t need the hat, but my neck is a bit cold so let me convert this over. And hey! it’s small enough for my pocket if it’s too warm. I really want to like this idea, but I’m always cold. If I need a hat, then I need a scarf. If I don’t need a hat, it’s usually warm enough not to need a scarf. Or my scarf from before is just opened and used as coat bling. This idea, is so not meant for me.

I want the model’s hair. Oh, to have red, curly locks like that. Oh, and the knit piece is nice.

Twiggy Tweed
eh. I personally think it’s a bit fugly. But then, I sometimes wear white socks with black pants and shoes. Usually it’s an accident because mornings are bad, but still.

Back to School
um. no. I hate embroidered towels with the fire of 7 suns.


2 thoughts on “Review: Knitty Fall 2006

  1. Viveka is cute, definitely. I don’t care for the color it is demonstrated in. I have to show this one to my daughter, because she would love it. The sleeves are awesome, and the loose fit of the entire piece would suit her mood these days (but in a darker color). Not meant for someone wanting to show off their figure, more for someone wanting a cozy reclusive place to feel snuggly.


  2. Oh, now I think that Twiggy Tweed is kind of cute. A tad ugly in those colors, but still cute. Granted, it’s not for me, but I am neither hip nor cool… (which might explain why I think it is cute)

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