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Happy Halloween!!!!!

Halloween is, by far, my favorite holiday. Candy, costumes, what else does one need? When I was young, my Dad would take the Sister and I on a multi-mile trek of homes while our Mom stayed home to dish out candy. I’m not trying to expand the distance for dramatic effect. It was at least two miles every year.

We were out for hours, going blocks and blocks and blocks. By the end of the night, our bags would weigh more than us and our little feet were ready to fall off. But it was the best trek every year. I know my dad enjoyed it as much as we did.


I know I promised I would be back on Sunday and I lied! Liar liar pants on fire! We had people over for breakfast on Sunday and then ended up hanging out and playing Munchkin (Eeeevil) until 2:00. By that point I was unbelievable tired and the only thing I had energy to do was knit and watch movies with the Husband. Not terribly productive, but that is okay.

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Halloweens Past

Crankygrrrrl wants me to sneak in some photos.  I have a few moments in my frenzied Halloween prep and was only too happy to make her happy. Although, probably not with photos she had planned. I thought I would give you an idea of the costumes we do here at Casa de Kis*Knit. (Really I just got back from boxing and can’t move. Sitting is good). The last 2 years of costumes below the cut. Enjoy! (or not)
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Quick Update

I’m in my last week of Halloween party setup which is crazy time. I have two costumes to finish, food to make, and a house to clean and then decorate. I probably won’t have time to update until Sunday. If I can get something in sooner I will, but don’t hold your breath.

I love this Halloween party that we throw and someday I will not be running around like a mad woman the week before. Someday I will have costumes done by now and can get the rest done at a nice clip during the last week. Maybe next year. I already have ideas for our costumes next year…

The Wool and Sheep Festival in Rinebeck, NY was fabulous and I ended up buying items to join the sock-knitting and yarn-spinning cults. And I swore I never would. *sigh* I’m a hypocrite. I highly recommend all of you go someday. I will include a full post after Halloween (with pictures!).