Archive | September 27, 2006

oh man

I don’t know. Do I want a colon cleansing? Maybe I do. Ugh. I had 37 spam comments in my filter today. The colon one just amused me the most. I wonder if anyone just responds and says, “Yes. Now that you mention it I think I do want a colon cleansing. I knew something was missing from my life. Thank you! Thank you!” Somehow I doubt it.

I had my first boxing class of the semester and I am unbelievably sore. Which means I will need to take it easy with the knitting. I have knitting group on Saturday and while 5 hours of stitching and kvetching (because I don’t want copyright infringement!) is so much fun, I’m concerned how hard it will hit my wrist. So I think I will leave the Dr. Who scarf fringe or tassels or whatever you want to call them, for then. It will be much easier to have an alternative to knitting.