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Review: September 2006 MagKnits

September’s MagKnits is up and I love this issue. I think I love almost everything (or a piece of each) even the socks which we all know is odd for me, but my friend at Yarnsticks is making a pair of socks for me so that may be why. There are even some patterns that seem geared for a more Rubenesque woman.

So each pattern, listed out:


Love it! I don’t know if I’d make it for myself because I’m always wary of lace on a sweater as I hate for my bra to show through. But I really love it.

Lombard Street

Socks. Not my thing, but very pretty. I really like the pink. Is that wrong?


Absolutely adorable. I’d love to convert these so they were full-on tights. Hmmmm…I wonder if I could do that?


This one looks better on the person. Simple shirt with a cute detail that’s not my taste, but that could be omitted or changed.


Okay. I find those baby dolls creepy. Like they are going to come to life and kill me. That’s just me. The pattern? It’s cute and a good idea, but something I have no interest in making.

Inner Truth

I wish I could have a second picture to see how it looks on a person. The picture that is included does nothing to endear the pattern to me. It just looks oddly narrow. The text says it’s quasi-reversible and describes how it looks, but I want to see it, not guess. Without a better photo, I just don’t get it. Maybe if I saw more I’d like it.


Cute. I like the stitch pattern and may steal it for a scarf. hmm…

The Edward

Very nice tank top. Pretty model. Oh! And it was inspired by Ed from Cowboy Beebop!!!! Then I HAVE to make it. I. Love. Ed.


Interesting pattern. I like it. The picture on the home page is much better than that with the pattern. I don’t think I would have liked it otherwise.