Archive | September 20, 2006

An Anniversary of Sorts

Two years ago this month I taught myself to knit. Okay, that’s not exactly true…

When I was maybe 7, my mom taught me to knit. Or at least someone taught me to knit and I’d like to think it was my mom. All I remember is trying to knit a horrendous pink something out of an old pink easter basket. I have nightmares just thinking about it.

I didn’t like knitting. I would start with 20 stitches. Then have 22 only to go down to 18 and so on. It was frustrating and I was a busy 7 year-old with things to do, people to see. Worlds to conquer.

So I filed knitting under ‘S’ for stupid and went on my way. Until, that is, I went on my very first plane trip two years ago. (Yes, I was 28. Yes, it’s somewhat sad my first time on a plane was when I was 28. Sometimes life is sad.)

Two years ago in late August, the Husband and I went on our first “big” vacation across the Atlantic to Ireland.

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