Archive | September 25, 2006

At least I didn’t plotz!

Work has been busy busy busy. Like, my head may explode busy. Or am I the only person that feels that way? Then I would come home to work on the kitchen. Painting mostly, but trying to get the kitchen more presentable for guests this past Saturday for Rosh Hashana. One night I stayed up until 10 doing work. Then on Friday and Saturday, we finished up projects, cleaned like mad, and I cooked. Needless to say, knitting had been lacking.

On Friday I began chemo cap. I only had a few spare moments to work on it until Sunday, where I sat for a couple hours and finished it. To which I thank the craft gods because if I didn’t get something done I think the weekend would have felt like a failure. If that makes sense. It wouldn’t have mattered that my house is actually clean (which I do believe is a sign of the Apocalypse) or that we served a very excellent meal or that there is some molding up in the kitchen. Oh, no that’s nothing. But knitting a hat means I did something. Yes, I have issues. And yes, I have a warped sense of accomplishment.

Of course if you look to the right of the screen. In the “Post Production” listing you will see that the Dr. Who scarf is blocking. That’s right. I wove in 32 ends on Sunday and the darn thing is almost done! See that lump over there? That would be the huge weight that was lifted. Once the scarf is dry, I just need to add the fringe or tassels or whatever you want to call them. Then it just needs to get to it’s owner which may prove difficult, but I don’t care. It’s almost done. Of course, it is lying in the middle of my livingroom — the only spot in the house to adequately hold the length of the scarf. Which means that while it’s blocking in a high-traffic area someone will bleed on it or ink will spill or a drink will go flying. So cross your fingers and send good vibes to the poor scarf to help it survive the next 24 hours.