FO Friday: Dress to Skirt

Today’s FO Friday is not knitting-related! I actually got off my butt this break to finish a sewing project for the child (OP) before she leaves for college. A few years ago, I received three dresses from my mother-in-law. They were dresses she didn’t want but needed to have for some reason. When the reason was over she gave the dresses to me. Even though they didn’t quite fit, I held on to them in some wacky plan to use them to make clothes. Because, I do wacky plans. Well, I finally converted one of the dresses into a skirt for OP. Specifically, a (slightly too-long) maxi skirt, because she LOVES maxi skirts–the kid is either very fashionable or getting to ready to join some weird cult.


The dress!

Like an idiot, I never took a picture of the dress on the ground, but you can see how big it is compared to her. It’s a stretchy fabric and purple (OP’s favorite color, although she claims to love all colors).

Sadly, I also have no progress photos. I started this past summer, kept getting her measurements wrong (I don’t know why), put it in time out, sat down on Wednesday this week to do it, and it just came out. It’s a smidge big in the waist, but it stays up. I figure I can just feed her crap and her waist will grow! (No, I would not really do that.)


Finished skirt. She just needs 5″ heels to get that hem line up.

I made the mistake of letting her come with me when I went to buy the elastic. She insisted on the gold elastic which doesn’t quite work with the dark purple, but it makes her happy and she loves it. With this selection, I decided to go with the seam on the outside rather than behind the elastic because I thought it would be a weird fit otherwise. I forgot to include the height of the elastic which made the skirt too long. Oh well, she’ll grow. Hopefully


Very snazzy. And it’s almost a straight seem line. Almost.

I tried the skirt on before I added the elastic and the fabric fits me. When she gets bigger, I can cut off the elastic and convert it into a skirt for one of us.


You can sort of see the elastic peeking through.

She was excited to get it and I’m very happy to have it off my to-do list. Maybe someday I’ll convert one of the other dresses I have into a dress for her.


A shot of the elastic seam.

FO: Flower Hat

Pattern: OP’s
Yarn: Cascade 220
Needles: US 7

Still way behind on finished object posts, but here’s another for FO Friday!


The colors are weird in this shot.

First let me start by saying this is 90% my daughter’s design. OP wanted a hat with flowers. She picked a flower chart from several given to her and chose the colors. I used double knitting to give her two hats in one (and because I had never tried it). I did ask her to change from blue and green to a combination because I’m old and the two were way to similar for my elderly eyes.


The reverse side and more accurate representation of the colors.

Double knitting was interesting. I love Fair Isle and thought it would be just as easy and fun (Yes, I find it fun. I’m a geek), but it was a headache. I did start to get it down and after a while it wasn’t so bad. I’d even do it again.


The fifth time I cast on.

Sadly, the child doesn’t wear it much. Before I could finish it, she was given another hat and that became her favorite, which is fine. The other hat is cute and I did knit the flower hat a little big so she could grow into it. When it is really cold, she does pull the flower hat out (two layers of knitting it is WARM) and I have been known to steal it on occasion. Hey, she stole Maluka so it is only fair.


It should be noted that the child has recently been sold to gypsies because she asked that I make her another hat. One that is purple and pink with all kinds of things that start with ‘P’ on it.

Happy New Year!!!

I hope everyone had wonderful New Year celebrations. We were child free and went to a grown-up party of a style that’s not in our comfort zone. No, not a swingers party or something of that ilk. Ew. We went to a party with grown ups who talked and weren’t playing video games, knitting, gaming, or watching TV. It was weird, but a lot of fun. By 11:00 I was done in by 3 inch heels, leftover illness, and being old so we left, but it was nice to go home since the crazy part of me was freaking out that I didn’t have my wedding rings on and if we entered 2015 and I wasn’t wearing my rings, darkness would reign, zombies would attack, terrorists would steal chocolate, cats and dogs living together…needless today it would be a bad omen. I did mention I was crazy, didn’t I? We watched the ball drop (not a euphemism) from home. The next day we went to the movies, had Korean, and picked up the kid.

All in all it has been a good start and it’s been that way all week, minus getting sick again. I cleaned my desk (major miracle), knit several nights in a row (!), hacked my hair, and played a very odd round of dolls with my kid where Elsa and Anna were trapped but Elsa (played by OP) likes being trapped so she refused to escape while Anna (me) tried to encourage her to freeze the door and punch people. And yes, I shouldn’t teach my kid to punch, but if Elsa is trapped in a room and punching will get her to freedom, she needs to turn into┬áMuhammad Ali and open a can of whoop-ass. Unfortunately, she wasn’t buying it. Anna did escape, though, with Elsa’s help, and saved all of the princesses from the trap. She went back periodically to visit Elsa and Elsa would leave occasionally to visit Anna and the princesses. I don’t get it.


You’ll never get it, Mom!

Looking back, 2012 was one of the worst years I have experienced, 2013 was a little better, and 2014 was fine, albeit stressful. It’s nice to have a good year to balance out the bad. I hope that 2015 improves upon 2014. Every year I start with the same resolutions–knit more, exercise more, and update more. Yeah, I never fulfill those and they are not going to happen this year either so I’m not bothering. Especially, with classes. But, I just want to live more and enjoy more. I spend too much time worrying and I need to *cue Elsa* let it go. I don’t know about you, but I cannot think those words without trying to make snowflakes out of thin air. I have my next step figured out for education, I bought the textbooks I can, and I have a wonderful family who I love and usually like to spend time with.

Sleep would be good too.

Since I referenced the hair.

Since I referenced the hair.

Back to Sanity, of a sort…

When I was a kid, my dad would jokingly tell me eating something or trying something new/hard was “good for you! It would put hair on your chest!” Which is what every young girl wants. This semester? It put tons of metaphorical hair on my chest. Four hard, project-filled graduate classes coupled with working for the department grading papers (another class in its own right with the number of essays I had to read) equaled me curled up in a ball crying for the first five weeks. I complained so much to the Husband that he took a pair of knives and gouged his ears so he would never hear me speak of it again. So, of course I mimed my suffering until he did the same to his eyes.

He didn’t really do that. He just ignored me. A lot.

So, the semester was intense. It’s my fault because god forbid I do less than perfect work and pay attention in class and get an A and make sure to talk to professors so they know me and can write a reference and do well even if I have no clue what I just learned. For example I gave up on a paper, declared it was crap but a B was good enough for me! I got an A. What I consider B-level is apparently A-level work and trying to do A-level work is putting in too much time. Next semester, I’m aiming for B’s, which is what I said this semester and the semester before….

Of course, I slacked in most areas of life in my quest for an A, especially exercise. And I comfort ate like you would not believe. I’m not happy, but I’m determined to get back into a healthier habit over break. Which means it’s the perfect time for my knee to go out! The Husband took my to New York City to see Pippin (one of my favorite musicals and an amazing performance) after the semester ended, and I torqued my knee trying to let someone through the aisle at the performance. Fortunately, the knee only took me out a couple days and I could exercise again. Until, that is I got knocked flat on my back with a nasty cold…illness…thingy. Yeah, two weeks of break and I was a pathetic mess.

But the pity party is over. I’m healthy again (mostly) and my knee is fabulous. I got a work out today and I even vacuumed part of the house! I am determined to turn things around and stop wallowing in negativity. I’m getting my butt out and putting my health first. I exercised today instead of cleaning the house and I’m doing it again tomorrow! Heck, I may even read for fun instead of clean a toilet. Or not. The toilets are getting gross.

Digging the Hole Deeper

When last we left our intrepid blogger (uh, me), we were cuddling with a sick little girl after a night of vomiting. Sunday she refused to eat (I mean, you would too if you threw up 7 times), but by Monday she was doing better. Unfortunately, having vomit in your hair/down your neck/in your shirt and cleaning up very loose stool means by Monday night, you are vomiting. 5 times.

Question 1: Why is the vomiting always at night?

Question 2: How could I not beat a 4 1/2 year old in the throw up count. I mean, really! I have, like, 34 years of experience on her!

Insight 1: Tomato soup burns on the way back up. Really burns.

Insight 2: I like to talk about vomit a lot.

So, yeah, I got sick Monday night (Labor Day). I missed school on Tuesday, but felt better as the week wore on. Until, that is, I got sick on Friday with a coldish thing. Flat on my back exhausted all weekend. Needless to say, I fell very far behind on reading and homework, which is very bad because this is the worst semester ever. Wait, we need all caps. WORST SEMESTER EVER. We have a lot of papers to write, journal articles to decifer, and teachers to decrypt. I’m still trying to catch up and it feels like I’m getting nowhere. I’ve been breathing very deeply just to prevent myself from screaming. Or crying. I can totally see myself crying.

Fortunately, this week a lab and class are both canceled as is a class on Monday. I think I’ll be able to dig myself out of this project hole of doom. If not, I may start hyperventilating from all this deep breathing.

I’m so tired…

Well, this week started off with a bang. Or should I say, yawn? Sunday night, the night before my fall semester, I got about 2 hours of sleep, maybe 3. My brain was awake and my knee hurt. By 2am I decided to attempt sleeping again, which is about the same time my daughter started having issues. Attend to that and I’m awake again. Thursday night, same issue minus the daughter–awake until 2–and I was running on about 4 hours sleep.

Friday, I met the Husband, OP, and friends at the campsite that would be our home for the weekend. OP had a blast. On Saturday, she went to bed relatively easily, a rare feet when camping. I lay on the sleeping bag trying to sleep when I heard OP wimpering. “Oh crap,” I thought, “Is she having a nightmare?.” I whispered, “OP, are you okay?” then thought, “Wait, this whimpering sounds familiar. Is she about to….OH CRAP!!!!” Vomit. All over. I grabbed her to, I don’t know, catch the vomit or get her out of the tent. I wasn’t really thinking.

Covered, in green beans and corn bread, I got her out of the tent and started heading blindly and barefoot to the bathroom a few yards away. Our friends were in a camper and had gone to bed, so I figured we were on our own. Once I got to the bathroom, I realized there were no paper towels. I turned back to the campsite to get towels or something.

Fortunately, at that point our friends were up and helping the Husband clean. I went in to use their shower to traumatize my poor baby by washing off the vomit. She went to watch a movie in our friends’ camper and I went out to help the Husband clean the tent.

As we cleaned, OP threw up again (fortunately into a bowl). We assessed the damage and realized half of everything was covered and it was time to go home where we had access to more supplies. Did I mention it was midnight at this point and about 30 minutes into OP being sick and throwing up twice.

We cleaned and packed what we could. I went for a midnight shower to get the green beans out of my hair and we went home.

Vomit number 3 happened as we took OP out to the car. Numbers 4, 5, and 6 on the 45-ish minute ride home. The final time, number 7, was about an hour after OP fell asleep. Then, yet another hour later she came in crying with a potty accident. A yucky potty accident. Thank goodness she was in pull-ups.

OP finally slept several hours and spent Sunday on the couch refusing to eat. She had only one slice of cinnamon toast all day because, “I don’t want to eat slowly.” Then she fell asleep at the laundromat at 5:00 and woke up this morning at 6. Poor thing.

We think it was most likely food poisoning, but we’re not completely sure of the source. Ironically, we talked briefly about food poisoning at dinner. Today, OP is doing pretty well, but I think it will be another lazy day for her. I cannot thank our friends enough for helping us clean and taking care of OP before we went home. The Husband was also amazing–doing the bulk of the clean up while trying not to vomit himself. And me? I’m tired, but I’m glad it’s over and she’s doing much better. If nothing else, it’s a camping trip we will remember and maybe we’ll be able to laugh about it next year.

Time flies

I have less than two weeks before classes start. Books are ordered, schedule is set, 2014-2015 student planner bought, and backpack is packed. I’m taking 4 classes (13 credits) next semester and 5 classes (17 credits) in the spring. I think it sounds worse than it is. The fall semester contains the “TRIUMVIRATE OF EVIL” (evil, evil, evil)–three classes that are crazy hard–and a throwaway class. At least, it’s a throwaway according to my adviser. I think she has a very broad definition of “throwaway class.” Of the three, I’m not worried about macronutrients (cue me sobbing at how hard the class is in November). I took micronutrients last semester with the same professor and I now understand his teaching style. Plus it’s metabolism and I lurv metabolism. That makes me a geek.

I don’t feel like I’ve gotten anything done this summer, despite having weeks of nothing but time. I think I get distracted more than I realize and everything else takes longer than I expect. I did, however, get the nerve up to sell a knitting pattern. It’s only been a week, but so far no complaints from buyers and no angry mob.

Are you still awake? This is quite boring.

OP starts kindergarten in the fall! That’s like 3 weeks away! I’m…I don’t know how I feel. She’s starting a year early, because she just missed the cut off date and is ready to go. I think she’d be bored doing another year of pre-K, but I worry about her being the youngest. Of course I would worry about her being the oldest, the middle, and everything in between. I just worry. She’s excited, though. She gets to ride the bus. Twice! In her world, that is the best thing ever!

Unfortunately, she’s growing too fast. Not psychologically or metaphorically. She grew 2 inches in about 2 months. Pants that I just bought for her now come up to her knees and every shirt seems to be a belly shirt! I’m trying to get her to try on everything in her drawers just so I can figure out what we need. I am terrible at buying clothes for her. I end up getting things too big, because she’ll grow into them! Except she doesn’t. Of if she does, she’s chewed on the shirt collar so it is hanging down to her bellybutton. Can’t kids just be naked? It would make my life a little easier.

“I will keep wearing my maxi dress, even if it reaches my armpits. You can’t take my maxi from me!!”