And the winner is…

OP* ran her very first 1 mile race. At 4 years old, she was one of the youngest, but there were a couple other 4 year olds there. Originally, we signed her up for the 200m version, but she refused. She wanted to do the long one. She’s her daddy.

I’m doomed….

I ran the race with her. One, because we weren’t sure if she’d make it back in time for Daddy’s race and he didn’t want to miss it. Two, because she asked and I’m a sucker.

We started at the word go and she quickly sped to last place. Sort of shambled, really. Shambled with effort. Then we started to lose the pack. By about 1/4 mile in she became upset because she was going to be last. Fortunately, at that point, we passed a boy about her age who had decided he was done with the race. As we ran and walked, I told her that it didn’t matter if she was last, because being last meant that she still did it and didn’t give up. I pointed out that she was beating that little boy because he gave up.

She stayed last. Apparently, she has my running DNA. According to results, she was over 2 minutes behind the person in front of her (although she crossed just behind a little girl who was either a ninja and sneaked over the timer line or cheated). Fortunately it didn’t matter to her. She had done it by herself, step after step without anyone carrying her. And that is what is important. Sometimes, we need to be reminded of that.

*For those new to the blog, OP stands for Optimus Prime which is what we called our daughter in the womb.


No rhyme or reason to today’s title, I’m just studying metabolism and I love the word. I am so tired right now. The Husband had a ride this morning, so OP and I went to the farmers’ market and the Y. I did weights and the sort of elliptical machine thing, while she played in the room (probably infinitely more fun than playing with mommy). This afternoon we wandered around a nearby town with the Husband and I desperately need tea.

Have I made it? No, why would I do that?

My knee is a lot better, but still weird. I can’t kick or sit/lay in certain positions without it starting to hurt, but I’m able to do everything else. I’ve been jumping and can jump on a step with 4 riser…things without pain. I correctly did child’s pose in yoga last week! Not slightly skewed to the side. It wasn’t as comfortable as I suspect it should be, but it’s a start. AND I’ve started running. Well, sort of. I’m running about 2 seconds during a walk, but I’ll take it. Next week I’ll try for 3 seconds.

OP has gotten into Sophia the First recently, which she’s watching right now. I loathe it. It feels very dated and, while I haven’t seen many of the episodes, the gender roles seem very traditional. I miss her obsession with Rescue Bots and My Little Ponies. They at least show her stronger female characters that are not princesses. Although, [spoiler alert] Twilight Sparkle is one now.[/spoiler alert] Plus, they were good. I could watch those a bazillion times. Sophia the First makes me want to want to gouge my eyes out with a spoon and poke holes in my eardrums. At least it’s not Dora.

Health Apps

Last year, I bought Zombies, Run!. Wait, two years ago? Whatever. I may have mentioned it before, because I am in love with and obsessed by it. It’s an app that tells a story interspersed with your music during your run (or walk). You can also turn on zombie attacks which forces you to “sprint” at various points or be eaten by zombies. And by sprint, I mean run for your life because the fake zombies are totally after you for realz! You also don’t need to run with it. Theoretically, you could walk with a fast walk or lame, limping jog during the zombie attacks and still have it work. There are two seasons and a Couch to 5K version. I’m towards the end of the first season (which is really sad if I really bought this 2 years ago), and as soon as winter is over, I can hopefully run outside again (or just run at all) and finish the story. I’m dying to know what will happen.

As I’ve mentioned, I can’t run right now with my knee. I did get to run a couple weeks ago in a special machine that supported 30% of my weight. It was awesome, but not something I can do again. I need to strengthen my knee a lot more before running is fully allowed. And the non-runner in me died when I realized how much I miss it. Fortunately, the makers of Zombies, Run! made a walking app that doesn’t require GPS! It’s called The Walk. Like Zombies, Run! it is based on a story. Unlike Zombies, the story is not playing as you walk, but rather you open up story items that you can listen to later (unless there is a setting I haven’t found that allows listening to the story as I go). Also, there is no sprinting portion where you have to go faster or be killed. It’s really a pedometer of sorts that tracks how long you are walking and updates the internal map. The Husband plays it while running and, according to the FAQs, you can use it on the elliptical or for any other repetitive exercise that it can track. The goal of each chapter is to unlock story pieces and win categories (found all items, within 24 hours, and no breaks over 3 hours). It makes me want to get out (or into the Y) to walk so I can know what is going on. I’ve walked 8 episodes (some twice to win each category) and 3 challenges after maybe three weeks of playing. And I may have been known to walk around the first floor of my house for 10 minutes just to finish a chapter, but don’t tell anyone. It’s truly addicting and there had better be a second season soon.

I’m sneezing

Happy New Year, um, 22 days ago! I spent the last 10 seconds of 2013 yelling that I had a knot in my yarn and I can’t start the new year with a knot! We’ll see if tangled yarn is an omen to how the year will go. I’ve only knit once since the new year. Hopefully, if it is an omen, it’s not knitting related. Really, I just need to get a simple project on the needles. Maybe tomorrow.

Classes started on Tuesday. The 8am class was cancelled due to the professor’s sickness (yay for me!). The second class and related lab were not (boo!). The second class was food science and it looks…daunting, but don’t they all?

We are all sick right now. I think it’s a cold, but there are a lot of sniffles and coughing over this way. Don’t come near us or you risk contamination. The down-side of being sick is that I couldn’t do my volunteer work today. For my degree, I need to volunteer 24 hours in some sort of nutrition/food area. I’ve been volunteering with a woman who teaches various nutrition classes, and it has been really fun. The last few classes were how to eat with diabetes. I was cooking for the classes, but couldn’t today because I am sick. I don’t want give someone norovirus, not that I have norovirus, but still.

I’ve been finding the class interesting for two reasons. First, I learned was that I love cooking for people and showing them how to eat healthy food that also tastes good. When I’m looking for experience and jobs, I need to keep that in mind.

The second thing I found interesting is how applicable one of the concepts was to life. Hold on, it’s going to get cheesy and preachy for a bit. One of the questions asked by the nutritionist is, “Can you drink OJ?” The attendees said, no. However, the reality is yes, you can drink OJ, but you need to keep it within limits and adjust other parts of your meal. Wait, let me stop a second. I am not yet a dietitian or even a nutritionist. I am a student. I am talking about what they said in a research-based class. I’m not going to argue what your doctor, mother, crunchy friend, etc. has told you. If you want more information about this topic, see a REGISTERED DIETITIAN or diabetes-certified dietition. I discovered in class that if you have diabetes, your insurance usually will cover a visit or two to a dietitian.

Anyway, so, per the research-based class, you can have OJ. How? Well, at meals a diabetic should get roughly 45-60 grams of carbs per meal (AGAIN, SEE A REGISTERED DIETITIAN FOR SOMETHING SPECIFIC TO YOU OR MORE SPECIFIC IN GENERAL). So a 1/2 cup of OJ is 15 g of carbs, if I remember correctly. That means, you can have a 1/2 cup OJ and still be within your limit. If you like a large glass of OJ and a big bowl of cereal and milk (milk has carbs), then, you need to figure out a compromise and adjust accordingly. Maybe cut down the size of your cereal so you are within limits, keep the OJ small, or replace the cereal with eggs or something less carb-laden. Simple, right? However, listening to the teacher talk about compromising on food, hit home for every day things. In life, you need to make compromises. If I want to exercise daily, I need to let go of getting a perfect grade on a project or stop worrying about cleaning everything. If I want to spend time with my family, then I need to pull back on work or extra-curricular activities. If you don’t want to kill yourself, you need to figure out what you can live with. It’s something I always knew, but when the teacher said it, I finally understood. Now, we’ll see if I can remember it.

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out

Did you know it’s almost 2014? When 2013 started I was lamenting at how awful 2012 was and hoping the new year would be better. Well, I’m thinking the same thing at the end of 2013. It wasn’t great and I hope 2014 is better. Not to say that 2013 was awful, it was a little better than 2012, but let’s just say it won’t be hard to go up from here. That said, I have a wonderful husband who still refuses to peel my grapes and fan me as I lounge around while he cleans the house. Stubborn husband. I have a smart, beautiful, and healthy little girl who lights every day, even when she’s being Cranky MacCrankerson.

So, what happened in 2013? Well, I barely knit and bought way too much yarn. That’s right. I bought too much yarn. Aren’t you shocked? I went to two yarn festivals. I’m sorry, FIBER festivals as I was corrected at one. It’s all so beautiful, though and someday will be knit into something rather than be a mountain of FIBER that I roll around in laughing maniacally. I am behind on FO posts so I need to get that done and update Ravelry with my new stash. Maybe 2014 will be the year I use up a lot of yarn. I can’t say that with a straight face. But, look at some of my pretty, pretty yarn!

Persimmon Tree Farm from a festival

Persimmon Tree Farm from a festival.

Malabrigo from Halcyon in Maine

Malabrigo from Halcyon in Maine.

I was really into a purple for a while, but decided to change it up drastically at my second festival.

Funky Monkey

Funky Monkey

Comic book inspired yarn. This color-way is called Starfire.

Comic book inspired yarn. This color-way is called Starfire and will be handwarmers.

I did buy more yarn from Knit Picks, but I can’t find a photo and I have no idea where it is at the moment.

I also started school (which was a good thing), but well, you knew that and I’ve talked about it WAY too much.

My knee had issues this year and I’m now off running. I can really only bike, swim, and walk comfortably because I apparently can’t do the elliptical without locking my knee. In case you didn’t know, it is kind of painful to lock your knee when it is being crappy. I have been asked by several people how I hurt my knee. The short answer is, I didn’t because my knee is crap. The fun answer is that a group of ninjas broke in and I fought them off. The long answer is…long.

I had ACL surgery…wait for it…20 years ago. Oy. Technically 20 1/2 years. Anyway, my knee was never right after the surgery, which isn’t uncommon from what I’ve been told AND I also was a really stupid teenager and did a bad job with PT. NEVER do a bad job with PT. I decided long ago, however, to ignore my knee and just do what I want which has worked quite well up to now. This also may be why, with all my issues, the orthopedist was impressed with how good my knee was compared to what he’s seen 20 years after ACL surgery. So, go me. Earlier this year, I started getting a very sharp pain when I kicked in Zumba to the point where it felt like things were not quite attached. I ignored it, because every time I go to see a doctor because my knee is clicking, ticking, or exploded, I am told nothing is wrong and I just didn’t want to hear nothing was wrong again. Apparently I am not the brightest bulb in the pack.

I decided to stop doing Zumba, but I could keep running with my brace so I was fine. I started noticing that it hurt going up and down stairs or getting out of my daughter’s bed (mainly because she blocks the way and I have to launch myself out of the bed Jackie Chan style), but I ignored it because I’m an idiot. In the fall, I thought I would try Zumba again to see how my knee was doing. I had been doing some evil exercise classes with no pain, so I thought I was fine. Nope. Same pain during Zumba, but this time it felt like tendons had twisted around each other. Then, the next week I forgot my brace for running and couldn’t. My doctor tested how loose my knee was and I couldn’t walk three hours later. Now running is verboten while I go through PT to build the muscles which will better support the joint. I hate PT, but this time I’m being a very good girl. I hope.

Take another picture, mother, and I'll break your other knee.

Take another picture, mother, and I’ll break your other knee.

Killing time, not people

I’m sitting on my couch killing time before my last final. I am so happy to be done. The semester was busy and I tried to (unsuccessfully) figure out timing, but it has gone pretty well. It did start out rocky, though. I went home in tears after the first day of classes because I felt so lost and so confused. Not the subject matter, but everything else. I hadn’t really met anyone and I didn’t know where anything was, especially parking. All I needed was to find out that there was a test I never studied for and the day would have been a nightmare. Wait, I’d have to be naked, too.

After my first semester I’m very happy. I have a lot of friends. I guess I should clarify it by saying school friends. I enjoy talking to and studying with them. I’m being noticed by my professors in a good way, which will become important when I apply for DI programs.

At the start of the semester, I was so worried that I had just ruined my life. I mean, I liked nutrition and reading about nutrition-y things online, but I was concerned that I would hate my classes and everything I’m learning. Let me tell you, I love what I’m learning, especially the biochemistry. Wait, check that. I love everything I’m learning, especially the biochemistry, but I LOATHE the management portion. Thank goodness I don’t ever have to take a management class again. I think. I do know it’s a topic on the Dietitian exam, so I will have to go over it again. Ugh. Either way, I love it. So much so, I think I’m annoying the Husband with all the cool things I’m learning. I don’t understand why. I’m only telling him stuff every 5 seconds with about half of it being somewhat disgusting…oh wait. Now I get it.

I also hate food safety. It is important I just…I can only cook if I wash my hands eleventy-billion times and I’m trying to figure out how to completely sterilize my kitchen, because, GERMS ARE EVERYWHERE!!!!!! I am now religiously using my meat thermometer because if my meat is not cooked to proper temperatures, I will DIE from the GERMS!!!!!!! I just looked at my kitchen and I think I now have salmonella. Don’t get me started on pesticides and various toxins. And am avoiding thinking about GM0s, because I do believe that one day they will be the cause of the zombie apocalypse. Fortunately, I did not put that down on a test.

Oy. Microbiology is going to be interesting next summer.

It's funny to scare mommy with germs.

It’s funny to scare mommy with germs.

A Walk Around a Bookstore

Several weeks ago I took OP to the bookstore. It was a large bookstore chain that is spelled with three words all pronounced evil, but that’s a whole other story for a whole other day.


I had gone in to find the last Knuffle Bunny book we needed and a new Pigeon book, because I’m a sucker and my daughter knows it (and I like the books). While there, I needed to find the bathroom for my little potty master. In my search for said bathroom, I passed the New Age books in the back. I suddenly remembered frequenting this part of bookstores obsessed with the notion of fairies, spells, and the occult during high school and college. Later, after college, I would frequent the front of the store looking for cookbooks–Japanese, Low Fat, Crockpot, whatever looked fun to make and eat. Then cooking switched to the knitting books off in the crafts section. Then there was a small span of fitness books, classics, and mysteries. Of course, there was always the Fantasy/Sci Fi section, although, not so much any more.

The bookstore was a map of who I had been and who I had become. Each section brought me back to a time I could remember clearly and with a smile. I looked around the store and wondered what would OP’s map be when she was my age. After finishing with the bathroom, we ventured back to the children’s section to pick out her books. This was the latest stop on my bookstore map filled with hugs and reading in the corner with my little girl. For her, it was the start of so many possibilities. However her map turns out, I only hope she has fun exploring it and each stop makes her happy.

Wearing Daddy's "Hulk" shoes

I am going to be obsessively into tattoo arts, rock climbing, and fashion.