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Vacation and Randomness

Okay, get your tea or coffee, it’s going to be a boring ride…

When I quit my job on a Friday, the following Monday found me at my first anatomy class dissecting a rat (because why start slow). Needless to day no vacation made for a stressed and slightly cranky Liz. Fortunately, that’s not the case now. Between my anatomy 2 and my first full semester of classes (eep!) I have 2 weeks of vacation. The first was spent with family and the second will be projects and cleaning–one of my favorite types of vacation.

In knitting news…well, there is no news. I have barely knit and just have no real desire. I’m so frustrated with my current projects that I think they are all in time out. Nothing is quite working out right and I just can’t focus on them to fix them. Maybe this week will see an improvement. At least it had better, I have knitting next weekend.

I have two sewing projects to address this upcoming week and I’m hopeful to get one of them done. I am going to make a book cozy for the Husband–a cozy I’ve been promising for a while and am finally getting to now that he reads half of his books on his tablet. Timing is everything. The other is a dress. I was given some dresses that are not quite my size so I decided to play with them and make something from each. The first is going to be a dress with a toile waist band. It may be a spectacular failure or it may not, but it will be fun to try. If it works, I have two other dresses to play with. One will hopefully be something for OP.

My classes begin in a week and I’m excited and nervous. I’ve been trying to figure out my organization and ended up buying a planner. I know, old school, but what can I say? I’m old. I did rent a copy of my organic and bio chem book on my ipad so does that up my tech cred? I didn’t think so. Anyway, as I was putting my class schedule into my planner, I noticed that my wednesday session doesn’t exist so I have a day completely free of classes to do homework or clean or lay flat on my butt watching TV and eating bon bons. Sadly, my 1:00 Friday session for the same class is still in session. I’d rather have Wednesday. Oh well.

On the gondala

It could be worse, you could have my stress–coloring, playing, puzzles, watching the same 5 episodes over and over–it’s a tough life.


Safe and Sound

How do you anorexics do it? I flew home Friday and while I made it home safe and sound, I made myself sick in the process. It started on Thursday. I had hoped to be in bed, asleep by 9:00 on Thursday. I had to wake up at 3am for a 6:25 flight, and I thought getting 6 hours of sleep would mean I wouldn’t feel as exhausted when I got home. Unfortunately, the best laid plans go up in smoke, get kicked in the crotch, and run through the wood chipper. I made it to bed around 10:00 (not bad) but then my brain kicked in because I WAS GOING HOME and I couldn’t sleep. I finally fell asleep at midnight.

So I went into the flight exhausted. Then, I was so nervous that I couldn’t eat. Every time I did, I’d feel better for a second and then want to vomit. Of course, not eating made the feeling worse. I’ve been sick all weekend and am only starting to feel better today. Adding insult to injury, I couldn’t sleep last night so I’m exhausted. At least I got some sleep on the flight and I did some knitting. Oh, and got to hug the Husband and OP right on time. That was worth every second. Well, almost.

The rest of the weekend was interspersed with feeling sick and a lot of sleeping. I did try going out to a local outdoor sports convention. I bet you are so jealous. It was actually a lot of fun. There were a ton of running, biking, and tri groups interspersed with stores, food items, and other wacky stuff. OP LOVED the protein bars. I was pinning future happiness on winning a massage. It didn’t happen. It’s rigged! Rigged, I tell you! I guess I’ll just have to get a massage the old-fashioned way, by laying on my stomach and letting OP climb all over my back.


I charge a million dollars an hour, and I'm worth it.

Vegetarians Have It Rough

After receiving 5 calls from Southwest on Sunday telling me how my Los Vegas to LA flight was suffering from multiple personalities, or something, I arrived safely in LA. The first call said my 7:30 flight was now 8. After landing in Los Vegas I had two messages where the first call said the flight was back to 7:30 and the second said 8:00. The people at the gate said the fight would leave shortly after 7:30, but we were moving down the hall. Sadly we got on the flight and then had to wait until 8:15 before we had approval to leave. Fortunately, the flight was uneventful, albeit confused about itself.

The conference has been okay. After 3 sessions on the first day that seemed to be different topics but ended up covering the same thing, I decided to bag the day and walk across the street to Universal Studios City Walk. I think that should really be called Universal Studios in Your Face with Touristy Crap and Tacky Chain Restaurants. Okay, maybe one or two restaurants weren’t tacky, but still. It’s fair to say, it’s not my thing although the walk was nice and I plan to go to a crepe place on the walk to pick up dinner to get out of the hotel. I’m not sure what else is around and being a small-town girl in an unfamiliar place near sunset, I don’t generally go a-walking. That’s the fun of being a girl. At least the girl in my head.

Speaking of the crazy in my head. I decided to do a social experiment while I’m away. Well, I’m not sure if it’s really a social experiment, really, but let’s call it that, shall we? I decided to try being completely vegetarian on my trip. You would think that would be pretty easy to do in LA. You would be wrong. At least where I am so far. And can I say that it sucks trying to eat Vegetarian?!? Every place has one veggie-friendly option if I’m lucky. The hotel restaurant? In LA? None. None! I had to ask to have something modified. Crazy. What’s with that, LA hotel?

I did cheat this morning and ordered the Japanese breakfast with fish, but how often do I get to order a Japanese breakfast. It was yummy by the way. We’ll see how well I do the rest of the week. Especially if something looks yummy.


Hey, Mommy! If I learn how to use a computer, can I go to the next conference?

Welcome to March

I’m sitting in the airport on my way to a conference on the west coast. I, of course, don’t want to be here, but at least drop off went really well. OP was way more interested in the escalator than saying good bye to Mommy. I’ll take that over tears from both of us. Unfortunately, my connection in Las Vegas has been pushed back. I have to go see if I can do something else for my trip.

I know I’ve been very quiet around here. February was an extremely tough month and I had very little down time. The only positive of the month is it went by really, really fast. A lot of my goals went out the window as I struggled to keep up with everything else, but it’s a new day and I will get back on track.

So what’s been going on around here?

Knitting Stuff

I’m getting ADD, again. I have 3 projects on the needles and one that I’m planning to start shortly. I blame the Cookie A. Sock Club. Our first yarn was so lovely and I liked the sock patterns that I just had to begin more projects. Plus I need a break from the Husband’s scarf. The scarf is going well, it’s just repetitive. I have not bought yarn yet this year (go me!), and I’m hoping to have some skeins out by the end of March (we’ll see).


Exercise has so gone out the window. I’m working through lunch and then coming home to work on both work-work and labs. My plan is to run every day I’m away this week, even if it’s excruciatingly slow to try to jump start the process. I also signed up for a half marathon in October. I’m not sure I will end up doing it, it all depends on how my knees take to training, but I’m going to reach for it. And yes, I have gone crazy.

Other Stuff

Um…..I have no idea. Is that just sad? OP is doing really well. She’s happy and active. We’re a bit sick of the tantrums and meltdowns, but that’s just the joys of a toddler. She did start a big girl bed and has been doing extremely well with it. We’ve laid down ground rules, mainly she cannot leave the bed until Mommy or Daddy get her in the morning, and she has followed it beautifully. She’s so excited by the bed that OP will run upstairs to get in it for bed time. Yes, she’s very odd.


Big girl bed, big girl schmed. I just want a car already.


The Homestretch

The conference is done and I’m at the Sister’s house. Now that it’s over I feel so much better. I’m almost home! The Husband has been wonderful, sending me pictures twice a day. I get a wake up photo of my baby girl, and an evening photo of what she’s doing at dinner. I am so lucky to have married such a great and thoughtful person. I need to post the photos at some point.

All in all, the conference was good. I’ve eaten like crap. There must have been a veggie shortage in Texas on Monday or Tuesday. I think lunch today with the Sister I had the first non-avocado veggie. I did get to run on Monday and Tuesday, but not this morning. I couldn’t fall asleep last night. I missed the Husband, but in 48 hours I’ll be back with him and OP!

I Am Very Old

One night down, four to go. Overall the conference was very informative today with only one panel a waste of time. A few were not what I hoped, but at least I got something out of them. Hopefully tomorrow will be just as good. I’m just ready for it to be over, it’s tiring being nice to people.

Which may be why I was ready to bail on the evenings festivities at 8. I am indeed that old. Of course it could have been the drink I had at dinner. It was a called a Pineapple Bash or Burst or something. Either way it was tiny but good. All the Dresden fans know I wanted to say fierce right there.

On the plus side the bouncers at the bar claimed that I looked much younger than I am. They had to card me and since I didn’t want to pull out my wallet I commented that I must look old enough to not have to pull it out. Sadly, the wallet had to come out. At least I got a wow when he saw my age. The male bouncer thought I was 24, the chick guessed 27. They probably tell everyone that the drinks ounce to raise morale and profits.

I think it’s time for sleep and then a run in the morning. At some point I need to figure out the panels for tomorrow. Have a good night!

And Away We Go

Here I am, sitting at a gate, waiting for my flight to arrive. I’ll be spending the next few hours flying to a work conference and extremely short visit with the sister. I don’t want to go. No offense to the Sister, but I want to be with my baby girl and the Husband, not here and then there. At least I get to fly home on Friday.

Wow, I sound so pathetic, don’t I? Okay, I’m going to stop wallowing in self pity,try to forget my and OP’s tears, enjoy my smoothie, and knit. It’s only 5 nights and then I’ll be home.