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FO: Skew

Pattern: Skew
Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock
Needles: US 1 and US 0


These socks were cursed. They took forever and I had to frog the left foot after knitting the whole thing because I knit it on the wrong sized needles. I was looking at my projects the other day, and while I’ve done many many techniques and have a pretty varied knitting cache of projects, I’m still such an idiot when it comes to knitting. I mean, really, the wrong needle size?

That said, I do like the final product.

Skew is a nice pattern. I think it drove me nuts (okay, more nuts). There’s so much in increasing and decreasing that I wanted to throw the project on my driveway and repeatedly drive over it, but even though it was maddening it’s a very understandable pattern and really, pure genius. It’s not your standard sock pattern which is refreshing.


I think I bought Socks that Rock at two different Rhinebeck Wool and Sheep festivals. The colors were pretty and the line was out the booth, so it must be good yarn, right? I think so, for the most part. That’s pretty wishy-washy, isn’t it?

I’m far from a prolific sock knitter like some people, but while I like the colors of Socks that Rock, I’m not noticing a huge difference in the yarn itself compared to the socks I have in Lorna’s Laces and Ellen’s Half Pint Farm. Not that the yarn is bad, I just don’t see much of a difference between the fabric. I have to say, though, they striped really, really well.

Sadly, I didn’t have this yarn in my stash on Ravelry, so I did not decrease my official stash numbers. Next project, I guess.



Help! I’m Surrounded By Projects!

I am a one project kind of gal. I wasn’t always that way. When I started out knitting I’d have two or three projects going, but with multiple projects going, I never seemed to finish anything. Eventually, they’d get done but with my time split among projects it always felt that I wasn’t getting anywhere.

A few years back I decided to stick to one project at a time. Of course, sometimes I would work two projects. For example, a project would end up in time out and I’d move to something else for a break, or I’d go on vacation and didn’t want to bring the intricate piece I was working on in case I lost it so I’d start socks. For the most part, however, I focused on a single project.

Comparing the two phases of my knitting “career,” I think I’ve been happier focusing on one project at a time. I do admit being jealous of my friends who would have 3 or even 5 projects going on at a time. From the outside they looked so prolific!

Recently I’ve begun to regress. I’m working on 3 projects. 4 if you count the hand warmers I have yet to weave in ends for. I have the handwarmers, a hat, the Husband’s scarf, AND Skew is back out of the naughty bag. I’m stressed. I have too much on my plate and I’m not able to focus as well. I need to get them all done ASAP, but I only have two hands. (Why couldn’t humans have been built with more hands!!!) I need a plan so I can stop feeling overwhelmed and focus. I will weave in the ends of the hand warmers and then focus on the hat. Maybe I can get the hat finished by Friday. Once they are done, I’m only down to 2 items. I want to get the Husband’s scarf done ASAP, and with the addition practice I’ve put in knitting with two colors I’m feeling confident. But I also really want to get Skew done before the new year. I do need to get that scarf so the Husband can wear it while it’s still cold. Argh!

Maybe it’s time for extra knitting sessions with the girls and OP can live at Grandma and Grandpa’s for a couple weeks?


Um, I would like that very much. Grandpa let's me do anything I want.

It’s December? Already?

As cliche as it is, I can’t believe it’s December already. Where the heck did the year go? I think, since I’ve been horrible about updating lately, I’ll give you a quick synopsis of my world lately.



Oy, vey. I’ve started a Twitter account (@kisknit). I keep starting twitter accounts in various forms and then dropping it because I just don’t get twitter. Maybe this time is the charm. Follow me if you like. Or don’t. I won’t love you any less. Or if I do, I’ll tweet about it and you’ll never see it. Or wait, you may see it because my twitter feed is on the right column of this here blog.


I’m still cataloging my yarn. I’m at 52 items and am hanging my head in shame. I still have more!!!! At least what I have left are the odds and ends from other projects. I think I’m going to catalog the if there’s at least one skein. That’s still a lot of yarn. Maybe in 2023 I’ll be able to let myself buy more.


I finally took Skew out of time out and frogged the second sock. I had knit the first sock on US 1 needles, but when I switched to size 0 for the ribbing, I forgot to go back to the original size 1 needles when I started the second sock. I did the entire sock before I realized my mistake. Hoping I could get away with the difference in size, I tried on the sock whereupon my foot fell off from a lack of blood flow. Needless to say, the sock was grounded for a bit. It’s now frogged and I soaked the yarn to get the worst of the crinkles out. It will be started in the next few weeks.

I’m working on a pattern for the Husband’s scarf and I have it almost figured out. I just need to sort out how the different patterns will interact so it’s even. I’m almost there on it. Otherwise, I’ve finished 3 projects that I need to post about. Something about the end of the year makes me get projects done. No idea why.

OP, the Awesome Child of Doom

OP is continuing to amaze and astound. She is having whole conversations and singing like crazy. I never expected her to be so verbal at this age. Of course, when she’s upset she reverts to a neanderthal and screams, hits, and grunts to get what she wants. You can tell her to “use her words” a million times and she will just scream louder while grunting and gesturing in the vague direction of what she may or may not want at this moment in time. If you try to guess at what she wants based on the general direction of her gestures, you are very likely to make her to throw herself onto the floor in utter defeat because you, as the parent, are too dumb to understand the intricate scream and grunt system she has devised. Parenting is fun.


Yeah, I’ve had a bad couple months but I’m slowly getting back into it. Sadly, I was really enjoying a run on the treadmill today when the power went out. I was about 22 minutes in and feeling fantastic. Stupid power. Tomorrow is another day.

Other stuff

There’s a whole lot of super secret stuff going on at the kisknit abode that I am dying to comment on, but am afraid to until minds are made up and things are taken care of. It’s driving me crazy so I’m spreading the crazy. Now, you are driven crazy wondering at what I’m cryptically mentioning in passing, aren’t you? If so, my work is done. If not, I need to come up with something else. And no, it does not mean I’m pregnant, trying to become pregnant, or have touched a pregnant lady. I just need to qualify that. It has nothing to do with my uterus.


I finished knitting Skew. Unfortunately I knit the left sock, the second of the pair, on the wrong needle size. Sadly I didn’t realize this fact until I was almost done. Epic fail.

I tried the foot on after I turned the heel and it felt fine. Of course at the time, I didn’t realize I was using the wrong needle. It was only with one inch left I realized my mistake. Who knew a sock could make your ankle numb?

I see frogging in my future, but the sock will need to be put aside for a few weeks. I think I’ll work on a few other projects and try not to burn my Skew socks in the meantime. Gyahhh!

@#$& Socks

I started on Skew back in June and it’s been a little slow going. I think that as much as I like knit socks and love sock yarn, I’m not the biggest fan of knitting socks. It’s the size of the yarn and needles. It’s all so small that my hands tire out quickly and it all takes forever.

Skew is a bit tricky. Everything is done on an angle and it’s an untraditional heel. That meant by the time I got the heel together and understood the beauty of the construction, I realized I knit the foot about an inch too long. Yup, time to frog a bit. At least I can look at it as practice and tweak a couple spots. It’s going to be worth it–these will be very pretty.