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FO: Heart Hat and Warmers

Hat Pattern: My Own
Handwarmers: Sucky Thumb Mitts
Yarn: Knitpicks Shine Sport
Needles: I don’t remember. AUGH!!!!


She seemed to like the handwarmers overall

Yes, it’s another hat and handwarmer set, but I have both a niece and nephew. They must each get something to fight off jealousy. Granted, both are 1+ but still.


As soon as the hat went on, it came off.

Since I need practice working with 2 colors, I decided to make the hat my practice piece. My original intent was less hearts and a bit more background color, but it had a mind of it’s own. I like it a lot even with the changes. I am hoping to make a pattern for this hat, but I will make it a little more like what was in my head.

She wouldn't leave the hat on.

A bit too long on top.

There are a few things that I wish I had done differently. The hat is too long. I’ve been thinking about slouchy hats lately, and I sort of knit it with that in mind. I’m just not sure it worked well in this style with this yarn. Of course she didn’t keep the hat on long enough to make sure so I have no idea. Other pictures it looks less pointy.


Less pointy and back seam

I do love the hat, though. A lot. It’s so cute and was a TON of fun to knit. I may become addicted to two-color knitting. Of course, ask me when I finish the Husband’s scarf.



I love the handwamers. It’s the usual pattern and I had no major issues. I think they turned out well and she seemed to like them. At least they stayed on for about 5 minutes–with a one-year-old, I consider that good. Plus, I used up 2 items in my stash! Take that, stash! I will get you down to a reasonable amount yet!


FO: Fingerless Gloves

Pattern: Knucks
Yarn: Knit Picks Gloss Fingering
Needles: US 2


Don't my hands look so warm?

I have been wanting gloves like these forever. Well, maybe not forever, but for the last couple years. I just love the idea of them. In an effort to clear out my stash, I decided that this was the winter I would have fingerless gloves.

The pattern was pretty easy, although I misread the directions to attach the thumb and did it backwards. That said, my screw up still worked out fine–I just had to make sure I repeated said screw up for the second glove. The pattern has you make the fingers first and then work from the fingers to the wrist. I”m not sure I like this method, but I’ve never made gloves the other way so this may be better. I’ll let you know if I ever make them from the wrist up.


That's what you'll see if you shake my hand.

I love this yarn. It is soft and reasonably warm. My only complaint is that it is pilling a bit faster than I’d like, but then again, I’ve been wearing them constantly.

Normally when I knit something, I like it but there are a couple flaws that I really wish there was something I did differently and that’s all I see in the piece. Not this one. I don’t know if I’m growing as a person (ha!) or if that sweater class last February improved my knitting, but I’m happy with every part. I don’t see the mistakes, but rather see the good. I hope more of my projects go like this.

OP’s Hat

Pattern: Toni Ribbed Hat
Yarn: Knit Picks Swish Worsted
Needles: US 7


One would think that as soon as a knitter finds out she (or he) is expecting, she would start knitting hats for the little bundle of poop and snot. Alas, no. I wasn’t sure what OP’s head size would be when born so I figured I’d wait and see. Then I was too busy trying to figure out this new life, that OP’s first winter came and went with no hat made from mommy.


Not this winter. This winter, I made her a lovely hat that she tolerates. OP has never liked hats and is always taking them off. This one she puts up with and eventually takes off, but at least she waits until we are in the car seat before removing her hat. I’ll take that as a win.


It’s a good pattern, but I have to try it again. I liked how the designer did the decreases, which is different from the way I normally decrease, but I got it in my head that there was a typo. Instead of checking online or just trying it out and having trust in the designer, I did it my way. I need to see how it would work following her design. Of course, the design is for a flat hat, and I did mine is in the round so maybe I was right. I liked the pattern, though so I would totally enjoy a redo.

As for the yarn,  I haven’t gone wrong yet with any Knit Picks yarn, this style included. I love it. Highly recommend it.