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I’m so tired…

Well, this week started off with a bang. Or should I say, yawn? Sunday night, the night before my fall semester, I got about 2 hours of sleep, maybe 3. My brain was awake and my knee hurt. By 2am I decided to attempt sleeping again, which is about the same time my daughter started having issues. Attend to that and I’m awake again. Thursday night, same issue minus the daughter–awake until 2–and I was running on about 4 hours sleep.

Friday, I met the Husband, OP, and friends at the campsite that would be our home for the weekend. OP had a blast. On Saturday, she went to bed relatively easily, a rare feet when camping. I lay on the sleeping bag trying to sleep when I heard OP wimpering. “Oh crap,” I thought, “Is she having a nightmare?.” I whispered, “OP, are you okay?” then thought, “Wait, this whimpering sounds familiar. Is she about to….OH CRAP!!!!” Vomit. All over. I grabbed her to, I don’t know, catch the vomit or get her out of the tent. I wasn’t really thinking.

Covered, in green beans and corn bread, I got her out of the tent and started heading blindly and barefoot to the bathroom a few yards away. Our friends were in a camper and had gone to bed, so I figured we were on our own. Once I got to the bathroom, I realized there were no paper towels. I turned back to the campsite to get towels or something.

Fortunately, at that point our friends were up and helping the Husband clean. I went in to use their shower to traumatize my poor baby by washing off the vomit. She went to watch a movie in our friends’ camper and I went out to help the Husband clean the tent.

As we cleaned, OP threw up again (fortunately into a bowl). We assessed the damage and realized half of everything was covered and it was time to go home where we had access to more supplies. Did I mention it was midnight at this point and about 30 minutes into OP being sick and throwing up twice.

We cleaned and packed what we could. I went for a midnight shower to get the green beans out of my hair and we went home.

Vomit number 3 happened as we took OP out to the car. Numbers 4, 5, and 6 on the 45-ish minute ride home. The final time, number 7, was about an hour after OP fell asleep. Then, yet another hour later she came in crying with a potty accident. A yucky potty accident. Thank goodness she was in pull-ups.

OP finally slept several hours and spent Sunday on the couch refusing to eat. She had only one slice of cinnamon toast all day because, “I don’t want to eat slowly.” Then she fell asleep at the laundromat at 5:00 and woke up this morning at 6. Poor thing.

We think it was most likely food poisoning, but we’re not completely sure of the source. Ironically, we talked briefly about food poisoning at dinner. Today, OP is doing pretty well, but I think it will be another lazy day for her. I cannot thank our friends enough for helping us clean and taking care of OP before we went home. The Husband was also amazing–doing the bulk of the clean up while trying not to vomit himself. And me? I’m tired, but I’m glad it’s over and she’s doing much better. If nothing else, it’s a camping trip we will remember and maybe we’ll be able to laugh about it next year.


Covering my mouth

I think there’s been a 3 week quarantine sign on our door. OP was sick with a cold, cough, snot, and general ickiness. Then I got sick with flu-like symptoms (NOT THE FLU) which developed into bronchitis. I got the flu-like symptoms[1] from her, or so I thought until she got sick again with very similar symptoms to me. She didn’t mind the second disease round as much because she got to go to work with Mommy one morning. Apparently going to work with Mommy is the bees knees. Keep thinking that, kid, in 20 years you’ll change your mind.

I think we are all over the sickly shenanigans. Of course, the Husband never really got sick. Oh, he felt crappy for a couple days but no snot, no cough, no sneezing, no flu-like symptoms, no fair.

Building a snowman

It’s okay, Mommy. I’ve build a wall to keep the germs out.

Unfortunately, I single-handedly ruined his birthday by being sick. Don’t think it was just me being sick that ruined his birthday. (I keep wanting to write brithday which makes me think of bris-day, which no one ever wants to celebrate. I would imagine.) Because I was sick, a day with friends was canceled and he ended up picking up the surprise birthday cheesecake I had ordered. I also had to bail on the birthday family dinner, although he did still get to go so that was nice. Adding insult to injury, I had left his birthday present at work the week before to set it up. Guess where it still was on his birthday because I hadn’t been at work before then? Yeah. Birthday fail.

That’s okay. I made it up to him by not coughing on him.

Sadly, I didn’t get much knitting done while I was sick. Instead I did homework for a class I’m not taking for a grade!!!! Yes, you read it right. I’m taking a chemistry class this semester and doing all the homework, but not being graded (except I am getting a grade on the homework assignments to check my knowledge). And, instead of using my sick time to knit and bond with my yarn. I. Did. Homework.

Don’t worry, I’m disappointed in myself too.

[1] If you are ever asked if you want a flu test, say no and then run away screaming. There is nothing more horrific than having a swab stuck up your nose until it touches your brain and then pushed into your brain so it comes out of the back of your head. I would rather have a shot.

Safe and Sound

How do you anorexics do it? I flew home Friday and while I made it home safe and sound, I made myself sick in the process. It started on Thursday. I had hoped to be in bed, asleep by 9:00 on Thursday. I had to wake up at 3am for a 6:25 flight, and I thought getting 6 hours of sleep would mean I wouldn’t feel as exhausted when I got home. Unfortunately, the best laid plans go up in smoke, get kicked in the crotch, and run through the wood chipper. I made it to bed around 10:00 (not bad) but then my brain kicked in because I WAS GOING HOME and I couldn’t sleep. I finally fell asleep at midnight.

So I went into the flight exhausted. Then, I was so nervous that I couldn’t eat. Every time I did, I’d feel better for a second and then want to vomit. Of course, not eating made the feeling worse. I’ve been sick all weekend and am only starting to feel better today. Adding insult to injury, I couldn’t sleep last night so I’m exhausted. At least I got some sleep on the flight and I did some knitting. Oh, and got to hug the Husband and OP right on time. That was worth every second. Well, almost.

The rest of the weekend was interspersed with feeling sick and a lot of sleeping. I did try going out to a local outdoor sports convention. I bet you are so jealous. It was actually a lot of fun. There were a ton of running, biking, and tri groups interspersed with stores, food items, and other wacky stuff. OP LOVED the protein bars. I was pinning future happiness on winning a massage. It didn’t happen. It’s rigged! Rigged, I tell you! I guess I’ll just have to get a massage the old-fashioned way, by laying on my stomach and letting OP climb all over my back.


I charge a million dollars an hour, and I'm worth it.

Tales from around here

I took Friday off to give myself a four day week. I figured that it may very well be the last time I can take off before all the big projects hit at work, and I thought it would be fun to knit, knit, and knit. The Husband decided to try to spoil my day by coming home sick around 2:00 and sleeping. How dare he? Poor thing was sick most of the weekend. At least on Saturday he had the day to himself as I went out with my very awesome friend from Sweet Gracie Mae. We had a blast shopping for fabric things, eating vegan, and buying the best pasta I have ever had from Flour City Pasta.

Am I not the queen of linking to stores today?

Anyway, I then started getting a nasty cold, but I had hoped that it wouldn’t become the nasty disease the Husband had. Yesterday, it started and last night I couldn’t sleep. I’m home today doing some work, failing to sleep, and resting.

So what else is going on around here?

OP is obsessed with her snow boots. That’s all she wants to wear and it’s driving me mad. I guess it’s because they are outdoor snow boots and make her feet smell. They are not easy running around like a mad child shoes. I’m trying to let it go and let her express herself, although I have thought about buying her a second pair of boots but then she probably wouldn’t wear them anyway.

I found Raising My Rainbow (link crazy!), which is a mommy blog covering the “Adventures in raising a slightly effeminate, possibly gay, totally fabulous son.” The parents of this kid are amazing. They let him express himself through clothing and toys that are non-traditional for boys. In other words, they let the kid wear tutus play with barbies if that’s what he wants. It’s inspiring. I suspect they have to put some limitations of course. If it’s cold and raining, maybe he wears his pretty pink galoshes instead of the sparkly dress shoes.

We try very hard to do the same with OP. Not because of the blog, we’ve been doing it since day one although I’m not great at it yet. OP is very normal in her gender issues, and obviously it’s not the same for a girl if she wasn’t (for some reason it’s okay for a girl to wear camo pants, a football jersey, and work boots while playing with cars but if a boy plays with dolls the world will end!!!). But we try to let her express herself through her clothes and play how she wants, within reason. We have some limitations. She can’t juggle knives of course (unless mommy is really tired and desperate) and she’s not allowed to wear PJs during the day unless there’s a special reason. One, in the winter it’s not warm enough, and two, we don’t have enough of the darn things and I don’t want to do laundry every 3 days. I’m a bitch that way. But the boots are driving me nuts. I should get a picture of them, though, they are adorable. It’s a learning process and I’m getting better at it. Why can’t she just wear her sneakers some times!?!

Bring out your dead!

Wait until I'm a teenager, Mommy. You'll be in the loony bin!


Hugs not ears

Last week was probably the week from hell for our little girl. Tuesday we received a call from daycare notifying us that OP had a rash. It didn’t sound like a major rash; all over her body, yes, but just an allergy. We decided to wait and see what she actually looked like in a few hours when we picked her up.

Our daycare is awesome and we are very happy with it, but occasionally we get a call that, “OMG come quick get the child! She’s diseased!” and we dutifully leave work and she’s 100% fine. Since the rash started in early afternoon and didn’t seem to be bothering her, we decided to wait. Of course, we called the doctor’s office first to make sure she was okay to stay but that we should get her in to see someone that night or the next day.

And here’s the fun part that you must remember for later in our story. Our doctor’s office was closed on Tuesday and Wednesday because there was something wrong with the building. No doctor was physically available.

The Husband and I walked into daycare to get OP. Our plan was to take her to dinner and the store before bed. That plan was derailed when we saw how bad the rash was. It had been getting worse with raised red bumps over a good portion of her body. Much screaming from the Daughter because THE NURSE LOOKED AT ME! and THE DOCTOR USED A STETHOSCOPE! and THEY! LOOKED! IN! MY! EAR! and we find out that our poor little girl had an allergic reaction to the antibiotics for an ear infection. Poor thing went into this appointment hating all things medical and that did not ease up after Tuesday.

We were sent home with a new antibiotic script and ben@dryl. Shortly after we got home, OP looked like this:

I love how she is sort of smiling for the camera

You have to love her attempt at a smile.

This was much better than when we saw her at daycare. You can imagine we were extremely relieved. That is, until found her in the morning looking like this:

Don't you think the red really sets off my eyes?

Needless to say, we were worried, but we figured the ben@dryl just wore off and the rash came back like the doctor warned. Unfortunately, ben@dryl makes OP’s heart pound, teeth chatter, and body shake. Yup, some kids become hyper from the drug and ours was one of them. To be fair, she really enjoyed having teeth that chattered.

As the day wore on, she developed a temperature and her red spots started looking like bruises. Call the emergency line for the doctor’s office that is currently closed and get sent to their partner doctor 30 minutes away. Fever of 103, negative for flu, and the bruising spots are normal. OP screamed throughout BUT got her very first ice pop and that seemed to be almost worth the torment. I bet if they had given her a good flavor and not orange, she would have learned to love the doctor’s office.

Unfortunately as we were leaving, we were told to go the next day to our regular doctor to check on the fever. Our poor little girl who has been tortured by stethoscopes, suffered a fever, looked like she had the plague, and to top it all off had ears that hurt, had to go back to the doctor for the third time.

In three days.

At least she got a script for something to help with the rash.

Thursday OP still had a fever and the rash. Her fingers and toes had turned blue, but her oxygen levels were fine she just had to suffer the injustice of the oxygen clip on her finger a couple times which of course she did not like.

By Friday, she looked like this:

3 days after the rash began and she's looking much better

Much better, no? Her fever was gone and she was a happy little camper. Until Monday when she had a follow-up appointment. If I had my way, she’d be away from doctors for a while because it is so traumatic, but she needs to do it and eventually it will get better. We are thinking of buying her a stethoscope to play with so maybe that part will be a little more fun.