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FO: Heart Hat and Warmers

Hat Pattern: My Own
Handwarmers: Sucky Thumb Mitts
Yarn: Knitpicks Shine Sport
Needles: I don’t remember. AUGH!!!!


She seemed to like the handwarmers overall

Yes, it’s another hat and handwarmer set, but I have both a niece and nephew. They must each get something to fight off jealousy. Granted, both are 1+ but still.


As soon as the hat went on, it came off.

Since I need practice working with 2 colors, I decided to make the hat my practice piece. My original intent was less hearts and a bit more background color, but it had a mind of it’s own. I like it a lot even with the changes. I am hoping to make a pattern for this hat, but I will make it a little more like what was in my head.

She wouldn't leave the hat on.

A bit too long on top.

There are a few things that I wish I had done differently. The hat is too long. I’ve been thinking about slouchy hats lately, and I sort of knit it with that in mind. I’m just not sure it worked well in this style with this yarn. Of course she didn’t keep the hat on long enough to make sure so I have no idea. Other pictures it looks less pointy.


Less pointy and back seam

I do love the hat, though. A lot. It’s so cute and was a TON of fun to knit. I may become addicted to two-color knitting. Of course, ask me when I finish the Husband’s scarf.



I love the handwamers. It’s the usual pattern and I had no major issues. I think they turned out well and she seemed to like them. At least they stayed on for about 5 minutes–with a one-year-old, I consider that good. Plus, I used up 2 items in my stash! Take that, stash! I will get you down to a reasonable amount yet!


FO: Humanity

Pattern: Humanity
Yarn: Frog Tree Merino Melange
Needles: US 6


There used to be a blog by Yarnsticks who is one of my best friends. There are friends that will be old and infirm one day, sitting in rocking chairs on the porch of the old lady’s home, knitting and just enjoying each other’s company. That’s us. We’re in different states but she is so important to me that we will be friends long into old age.

When I turned 30, Yarnsticks made a pair of socks for me. A few years later, I drove to her house while 6 months pregnant. I don’t know how it had come up in conversation, but she mentioned that no one ever knit for her. I decided then and there, in my pregnancy-riddled mind to make her something. I made sure to sneak in a hand measurement and took note of a yarn she liked. About a year later, when I thought I was ready to make the hand warmers, I came up with a lie to get a list of hand warmers she liked. About a year after that, I made humanity.


Let me say this about the pattern. It doesn’t quite make sense the way it is written, but it isn’t wrong. It’s just not written to make sense to me. Basically, the cabling row says to put 2 stitches on the cable needle, then purl, knit 2, and knit the two off the cable needle. If you do that as written, then you end up off the 2 x 1 ribbing. Instead it seems to make more sense (to me) to put 2 stitches on the cable needle, then put the purl stitch on the cable needle, knit 2, purl off the cable needle, and then knit the last two off the cable needle. Did I confuse you? Yeah, I’m still confused, but it worked well enough as far as I can tell, and other than that, it’s a good pattern.

Frog Tree Merino is to die for. I almost did not give Yarnsticks the handwarmers because the yarn is so yummy. I really did struggle. The yarn was so soft that I tried to talk myself into keeping these and knitting another pair. Thankfully, reason took over and I decided that I can knit a second pair for me another day. I have a lot of projects I want to do so if I hadn’t done these, they weren’t getting done.

Seriously, though. Go get Frog Tree Merino and snuggle with it. It’s just that good. Even OP didn’t want to give them up.


Sheldon the Turtle

Pattern: Sheldon
Yarn: Knit Picks Shine Sport
Needles: US 2


When the Husband and the Sister-in-Law were young, they had a turtle. At least, I think she had the turtle and he just resided in the house with said turtle. They liked the turtle very much, but one day, the turtle climbed out of his cage and onto the table whereupon he fell onto the floor. His shell had cracked and the family took him to the doctor where they used superglue on the shell, but to no avail. The little guy did not make it.


So, when I asked the Husband which of the dozen of patterns I liked should we make for the Sister-in-Law’s little daughter, he said, “The turtle.” And thus, Sheldon was born. As was an adorable little girl.


This was both an easy pattern and an extremely complex one. If you are thinking about making a Sheldon, do it. You won’t regret it. Just trust in the pattern. I didn’t trust in the pattern and ripped out areas only to realize that I should have kept them. In the end, I think it turned out well regardless. There’s a LOT of steps and I’m not sure I ever want to make it again. Of course, much like childbirth and the first few weeks with a newborn, I suspect I will forget the pain and suffering after a few years.

To see more Sheldon photos…

Sheldon’s a Jet’s fan.

Sheldon is a Jet's fan. He's not happy right now.

FO: Brown Diamond Waffle Socks

Pattern: Diamond Waffle Socks
Yarn: Lorna’s Laces
Needles: US 1

I am a very frustrating person to live with. Just ask the Husband. So to show him how much I love him, I make the occasional sock for him. If he’s lucky I make him a whole pair. Or maybe I make him so many socks so he won’t complain about all the yarn in the house. Either way I like to think my bases are covered.


The latest in my sockscapade is the Diamond Waffle Socks knit for the Husband. This was my first toe-up sock, and well, I both want to marry this style of pattern and have little sock babies with it, and set it on fire, throw it out the window, and sick wild, rabid dogs on the ashes. I love the ability to throw the socks at my big-footted, very opinionated Husband who actually likes socks to fit and have him try them on as I go. It saves me frustration later when I finish the sock and it’s the wrong size and I have to frog half of it. So that part is the lurv. The hatred are those damn increases in the beginning. One of them was a nasty, I think it was the M1L, and every time I had to do it I just became miserable. Once I left the increase I was very happy again.


That said, I’m not terribly fond of the Diamond Waffle pattern. It looks nice, is easy to understand, and the twisted ribbing at the top really holds the sock up, but I just hated the Diamond Waffle part. It was mind-numbingly boring. Probably not a pattern I would do again.


As far as the Lorna’s Laces? Love. Straight on, girl on yarn love. I need to buy more someday. Best of all, the Husband loves his socks and they fit really well. That means two skeins of sock yarn down, only 27 more to go! *sigh*


FO: Clapotis

Pattern: Clapotis
Yarn: Bamboo, Merino Wool, and Silk from Maple Creek Farms
Needles: US 7

I have wanted to make Clapotis since I first saw the pattern. I can rock many an outfit, look adorable in a tee and jeans, or just look fierce if I so choose, but throwing something like Clapotis into the mix and I’m about as stylish as Ma Clampet on pig slaughtering day. So Clapotis was thrown into the “to make someday” pile and not really thought of again. Until San Francisco.


When we went to visit Shana in SF I realized that if I were to live in San Francisco there would not only be massive amounts of crankiness but I would need a lot of things to cover my neck thanks to a semi-persistent wind. At least from what we observed while we were there. Now I have learned to put two and two together, on occassion, and by adding the wind to the fact that Shana would completely look fabulous and know how to wear a scarf/shawl, I realized the sum was to make Clapotis for Shana. Finally! An excuse.


So I began knitting, and I have to say, it’s a really nice pattern. It is extremely easy but it doesn’t look it to the non-knitter. And, quite honestly, it’s fun to drop stitches on purpose, which may be more of a reflection of my lack of life than the pattern.