I tried a new meditation app today, “Stop, Breathe, and Think.” My therapist recommended I try meditation to help with my compulsive eating issues. I tried a couple apps before and they were good, but this is more robust. There are many free themed meditations and you can do a self-led meditation if you want. I think. As I said, I just started it today. 

I should note, I am a meditation newbie. Meditewbie? So, if you actually can meditate while standing on a lilypad on one hand holding a cup of water like Nia from Ninjago, then this may not be for you. But maybe it is. What do I know. Meditewbie.

I did the first meditation this morning and had some trouble because I had an ASTHMA attack. Seriously?? I don’t have asthma, but apparently I do. I was focusing on my breathing and it was not going well. But I did feel better after the kindness meditation. I even felt kinder for most of the morning. Well, maybe an hour, but still.


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