Sunday Movies

Much of Sunday was spent watching movies. We started with The Monuments Men. It was a really fun movie. The acting was great and the story was interesting. The violence was a bit over the top, but not horribly so.

The second movie, sadly, did not live up to the first, although I did not expect it to do so. We watched Transformers: Age of Extinction. I know what you are thinking. Why would I expect that movie to be any good? I didn’t. I saw the first three and while the first was fun, they became progressively worse. I went into it thinking it would follow the trend of its predecessors. 

For the first half of the movie, I was wrong. It actually started off well. Then, they introduced the transformers and they were comic relief. Why must this movie series try to design the autobots for 4 year olds? Then there was a relentless chase scene remeniscent of the second Matrix movie. That is to say it was about 40 minutes too long. Chase scenes should be more like a fine wine than a cheep beer. They should be…um…I don’t know, but they shouldn’t drag. 

Finally, there was the daughter. She almost started off like a three dimensional character. Then, in true Transformers movie tradition, she was demoted to annoying girl who was pointless and a screaming lump. Drove me nuts. I kept hoping that maybe her character would be killed off or frozen until the end. 

So, go rent The Monuments Men. See Transformers: Age of Extinction but only when it’s free on TV.


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