It’s the Tour!

July means Tour de France in our house. We record it during the day and watch it at night, fast-forwarding through the boring bits. We also freak out in fear that our DVR will run out of room and start deleting other recorded shows. The Husband likes it more than I do and understands the strategy, rules, and other bits. He also recognizes names. I…enjoy it, but am just as happy to miss a day. I know about 3 names–Sagan, Quintana, Contador (boo!), Froom, Cavendish, Gripel…okay, so I know several names. I feel like I’m growing as a person.

This year has been a crazy tour. The stage that looks boring has 2 major crashes but the cobble stones has barely anything. Right now I’m watching them riding in a nasty rainstorm and there are a few falls. Better them than me.

It is a fascinating race to watch, but apparently not to write about. Goodness, this is a boring post. All in the name of my 30 day writing challenge. Maybe you can fast forward through this boring bit.


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