People Person

I am not a people person. I am more than happy to be left on my own to do my work and never talk to anyone. This worked pretty well when I was a programmer. Admittedly, I had to leave my office to attend client meetings or train clients, but any aloofness displayed by yours truly could be attibuted to wacky programmer eccentricities.   Not that I was bad at the people part, I was, in fact, quite good, but it was something I had to work up to and it took a lot of energy to act the social butterfly.

Quit your programming job and become a nutritionist who works with people? Of course! Why not! Great idea!

This post is not about my career change, however, it’s about knitting. When I started knitting, I wanted to be part of a knitting group. They seemed like fun and a great way to learn. Rather than cause anxiety by going to a local group, I made one out of my friends. It’s been fun for years, but it was time for something new–the knitting club at the library. 

I always see the sign at the library that an upcoming Tuesday has the knit club, and I always think that I should do it. Usually, I see it the day the club is meeting and I have plans or the Husband is out and I have no child care. Sometimes I see it and completely forget about it. This time, I saw it days in advance and actually remembered to put it on my calendar. I called my bestie, Yarnkettle, because I may be willing to join a group of knitters I don’t know despite the fear it causes, but I will damn well try to have a touchstone so I don’t feel completely like a fish out of water. Or an introvert out of the safety of her home.

Tuesday approached and I grabbed my knitting bag, kissed the Husband and OP goodbye, and drove over to the library. I was so nervous. I walked into the community room to find two little old ladies knitting. I sat down and started knitting. And panicking. Another little old lady came in and another. They all said “hi,” admired my yarn, and just started talking. Eventually Yarnkettle arrived and I breathed a little easier. I found the night enjoyable  without her, but she made it better. I found that two hours with (mostly) complete strangers flew by. I listened and contributed as these ladies talked about knitting, life, technology, and crazy people. Surprisingly, I loved every second. There was no pressure to be anyone or do anything. All I had to do was be nice and knit. I plan to go back next month and its already on my calendar. I’m glad I went. It ended up being a good life lesson. People aren’t scary, they can be a lot of fun and I may even enjoy being with them. I need to remember this feeling next time I think about trying something that scares me, it may turn out better than I fear.


2 thoughts on “People Person

  1. You do know two introverts do not make an extrovert, right?

    I’ll have to look up the day and see if I can make it to the next one. Assuming you’re ok with me coming again?

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