I went into town with a very good friend from school last week. While in town, we discovered a new tea store. I love tea. My friends love tea. Unfortunately, all my friends love loose-leaf tea and believe I do too. I don’t. Every time I make it, I end up with tea leaf bits in my cup no matter which tea ball thing I use. Tea leaves in tea is like bones in your fish or vomit in your cake.

I have issues.

As the tea store was a loose-leaf shop, I admitted to this friend my loathing for loose-leaf tea. I don’t think I’ve admitted that before to anyone but the Husband, but I’m trying to be a better person and communicate. *sigh* Anyway, my firend turned to me and told me about this awesome pot thing from Teavana! It supposedly steeps the tea and keeps the leaves out. I was skeptical but intrigued, so I bought some tea and ordered the pot. 

Holy. Crap. It worked! Like, best tea I have ever brewed worked. Like, my loose leaf tea actually tasted like tea from my favorite tea shop. Like stars and flowers and butterflies bursting into song good. It was awesome. 

I’m sure there are 70 million other ways to do the same thing, but this one worked for me and now I’m on a quest for more loose-leaf tea.

*note – This is not a paid advertisement. I just really like the pot. I want to marry the pot and have little pot babies with it to brew more tea! Um, or not.


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