New Beginings

It’s 9:00 pm. The husband is asleep, OP is asleep (I hope), and I’m watching Golden Girls. If there’s nothing on, there’s usually an episode of Golden Girls and I’m right there watching. Not sure why. I’m adicted!

I have been thinking about this blog for weeks. School ended about 2 months ago and I just couldn’t seem to write despite my free time. I’m changing–I don’t knit as much and I’m always in school. I think the blog has to change, too, but I’ve been fighting it on some level. I just need to figure it out. So I may try writing every day for 30 days to see if I can figure out my voice again. Although, with my track record, I may only get 2 days.


3 thoughts on “New Beginings

  1. I so not what you mean. I just graduated this last May but had spent the last 5 years working towards my degree. Now I’m waiting to take boards and finally picking up my knitting. I truly missed my blog and hoping it gets me motivated to do other things again. :)

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