FO Friday: Dress to Skirt

Today’s FO Friday is not knitting-related! I actually got off my butt this break to finish a sewing project for the child (OP) before she leaves for college. A few years ago, I received three dresses from my mother-in-law. They were dresses she didn’t want but needed to have for some reason. When the reason was over she gave the dresses to me. Even though they didn’t quite fit, I held on to them in some wacky plan to use them to make clothes. Because, I do wacky plans. Well, I finally converted one of the dresses into a skirt for OP. Specifically, a (slightly too-long) maxi skirt, because she LOVES maxi skirts–the kid is either very fashionable or getting to ready to join some weird cult.


The dress!

Like an idiot, I never took a picture of the dress on the ground, but you can see how big it is compared to her. It’s a stretchy fabric and purple (OP’s favorite color, although she claims to love all colors).

Sadly, I also have no progress photos. I started this past summer, kept getting her measurements wrong (I don’t know why), put it in time out, sat down on Wednesday this week to do it, and it just came out. It’s a smidge big in the waist, but it stays up. I figure I can just feed her crap and her waist will grow! (No, I would not really do that.)


Finished skirt. She just needs 5″ heels to get that hem line up.

I made the mistake of letting her come with me when I went to buy the elastic. She insisted on the gold elastic which doesn’t quite work with the dark purple, but it makes her happy and she loves it. With this selection, I decided to go with the seam on the outside rather than behind the elastic because I thought it would be a weird fit otherwise. I forgot to include the height of the elastic which made the skirt too long. Oh well, she’ll grow. Hopefully


Very snazzy. And it’s almost a straight seem line. Almost.

I tried the skirt on before I added the elastic and the fabric fits me. When she gets bigger, I can cut off the elastic and convert it into a skirt for one of us.


You can sort of see the elastic peeking through.

She was excited to get it and I’m very happy to have it off my to-do list. Maybe someday I’ll convert one of the other dresses I have into a dress for her.


A shot of the elastic seam.


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