No rhyme or reason to today’s title, I’m just studying metabolism and I love the word. I am so tired right now. The Husband had a ride this morning, so OP and I went to the farmers’ market and the Y. I did weights and the sort of elliptical machine thing, while she played in the room (probably infinitely more fun than playing with mommy). This afternoon we wandered around a nearby town with the Husband and I desperately need tea.

Have I made it? No, why would I do that?

My knee is a lot better, but still weird. I can’t kick or sit/lay in certain positions without it starting to hurt, but I’m able to do everything else. I’ve been jumping and can jump on a step with 4 riser…things without pain. I correctly did child’s pose in yoga last week! Not slightly skewed to the side. It wasn’t as comfortable as I suspect it should be, but it’s a start. AND I’ve started running. Well, sort of. I’m running about 2 seconds during a walk, but I’ll take it. Next week I’ll try for 3 seconds.

OP has gotten into Sophia the First recently, which she’s watching right now. I loathe it. It feels very dated and, while I haven’t seen many of the episodes, the gender roles seem very traditional. I miss her obsession with Rescue Bots and My Little Ponies. They at least show her stronger female characters that are not princesses. Although, [spoiler alert] Twilight Sparkle is one now.[/spoiler alert] Plus, they were good. I could watch those a bazillion times. Sophia the First makes me want to want to gouge my eyes out with a spoon and poke holes in my eardrums. At least it’s not Dora.


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