Health Apps

Last year, I bought Zombies, Run!. Wait, two years ago? Whatever. I may have mentioned it before, because I am in love with and obsessed by it. It’s an app that tells a story interspersed with your music during your run (or walk). You can also turn on zombie attacks which forces you to “sprint” at various points or be eaten by zombies. And by sprint, I mean run for your life because the fake zombies are totally after you for realz! You also don’t need to run with it. Theoretically, you could walk with a fast walk or lame, limping jog during the zombie attacks and still have it work. There are two seasons and a Couch to 5K version. I’m towards the end of the first season (which is really sad if I really bought this 2 years ago), and as soon as winter is over, I can hopefully run outside again (or just run at all) and finish the story. I’m dying to know what will happen.

As I’ve mentioned, I can’t run right now with my knee. I did get to run a couple weeks ago in a special machine that supported 30% of my weight. It was awesome, but not something I can do again. I need to strengthen my knee a lot more before running is fully allowed. And the non-runner in me died when I realized how much I miss it. Fortunately, the makers of Zombies, Run! made a walking app that doesn’t require GPS! It’s called The Walk. Like Zombies, Run! it is based on a story. Unlike Zombies, the story is not playing as you walk, but rather you open up story items that you can listen to later (unless there is a setting I haven’t found that allows listening to the story as I go). Also, there is no sprinting portion where you have to go faster or be killed. It’s really a pedometer of sorts that tracks how long you are walking and updates the internal map. The Husband plays it while running and, according to the FAQs, you can use it on the elliptical or for any other repetitive exercise that it can track. The goal of each chapter is to unlock story pieces and win categories (found all items, within 24 hours, and no breaks over 3 hours). It makes me want to get out (or into the Y) to walk so I can know what is going on. I’ve walked 8 episodes (some twice to win each category) and 3 challenges after maybe three weeks of playing. And I may have been known to walk around the first floor of my house for 10 minutes just to finish a chapter, but don’t tell anyone. It’s truly addicting and there had better be a second season soon.


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