Killing time, not people

I’m sitting on my couch killing time before my last final. I am so happy to be done. The semester was busy and I tried to (unsuccessfully) figure out timing, but it has gone pretty well. It did start out rocky, though. I went home in tears after the first day of classes because I felt so lost and so confused. Not the subject matter, but everything else. I hadn’t really met anyone and I didn’t know where anything was, especially parking. All I needed was to find out that there was a test I never studied for and the day would have been a nightmare. Wait, I’d have to be naked, too.

After my first semester I’m very happy. I have a lot of friends. I guess I should clarify it by saying school friends. I enjoy talking to and studying with them. I’m being noticed by my professors in a good way, which will become important when I apply for DI programs.

At the start of the semester, I was so worried that I had just ruined my life. I mean, I liked nutrition and reading about nutrition-y things online, but I was concerned that I would hate my classes and everything I’m learning. Let me tell you, I love what I’m learning, especially the biochemistry. Wait, check that. I love everything I’m learning, especially the biochemistry, but I LOATHE the management portion. Thank goodness I don’t ever have to take a management class again. I think. I do know it’s a topic on the Dietitian exam, so I will have to go over it again. Ugh. Either way, I love it. So much so, I think I’m annoying the Husband with all the cool things I’m learning. I don’t understand why. I’m only telling him stuff every 5 seconds with about half of it being somewhat disgusting…oh wait. Now I get it.

I also hate food safety. It is important I just…I can only cook if I wash my hands eleventy-billion times and I’m trying to figure out how to completely sterilize my kitchen, because, GERMS ARE EVERYWHERE!!!!!! I am now religiously using my meat thermometer because if my meat is not cooked to proper temperatures, I will DIE from the GERMS!!!!!!! I just looked at my kitchen and I think I now have salmonella. Don’t get me started on pesticides and various toxins. And am avoiding thinking about GM0s, because I do believe that one day they will be the cause of the zombie apocalypse. Fortunately, I did not put that down on a test.

Oy. Microbiology is going to be interesting next summer.

It's funny to scare mommy with germs.

It’s funny to scare mommy with germs.


One thought on “Killing time, not people

  1. Husband needs to take a page from my book – I ended up reading case studies to MK while she was in med school. (They were neat!)

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