End of a week

I’m taking a break from homework and cleaning to watch the last episode for season 2 of Super Hero Squad–my daughter’s current addiction. I hope there’s a third season. Right now, she’s watching in her hero cape and mask. Seriously cute.

Anyway, my full-time classes started this week, and it’s…interesting. If I’m going to be honest, the first day was pretty awful. I went home almost in tears thinking I had just made the biggest mistake in my life. I just had no idea where I was going, couldn’t find parking (it took 30 minutes), kept having a hard time getting things in and out of my backpack, never really met any other classmates, and just felt completely out of my element and not at all part of the school.* Plus all the rooms are hot. As in no AC and I’m…what did they say on Coffee Talk? Schfitzing out of my ganecktagazoink?

Tuesday was different. Tuesday was better. I had an 8am lab which was early enough to find parking. Then, in the bathroom I saw a girl I recognized in class. So I put on my big girl panties (So to speak.) and said, “You’re in my chem class, right?” That started a chain reaction and by the end of lab, I had met 3 people. I repeated that sentence a couple times and am now friendly with others. It felt infinitely better than Monday.

The rest of the week bounced between overwhelmed and lost to doing well. On the plus side, I’m not always the oldest lady in the class. There are also a few other women with kids so others can relate to the unique issues that entails. Also, the workload right now isn’t bad and looking through the semester if I start some things now and stick to a schedule, I may be okay. I hope. Otherwise, there will be a very, very cranky post in a few weeks.

* Footnote! I felt like an outsider, mostly because there was no orientation for post-bac people, at least as far as I know. I didn’t get any notice of it to my recollection and just was very confused.

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