Vacation and Randomness

Okay, get your tea or coffee, it’s going to be a boring ride…

When I quit my job on a Friday, the following Monday found me at my first anatomy class dissecting a rat (because why start slow). Needless to day no vacation made for a stressed and slightly cranky Liz. Fortunately, that’s not the case now. Between my anatomy 2 and my first full semester of classes (eep!) I have 2 weeks of vacation. The first was spent with family and the second will be projects and cleaning–one of my favorite types of vacation.

In knitting news…well, there is no news. I have barely knit and just have no real desire. I’m so frustrated with my current projects that I think they are all in time out. Nothing is quite working out right and I just can’t focus on them to fix them. Maybe this week will see an improvement. At least it had better, I have knitting next weekend.

I have two sewing projects to address this upcoming week and I’m hopeful to get one of them done. I am going to make a book cozy for the Husband–a cozy I’ve been promising for a while and am finally getting to now that he reads half of his books on his tablet. Timing is everything. The other is a dress. I was given some dresses that are not quite my size so I decided to play with them and make something from each. The first is going to be a dress with a toile waist band. It may be a spectacular failure or it may not, but it will be fun to try. If it works, I have two other dresses to play with. One will hopefully be something for OP.

My classes begin in a week and I’m excited and nervous. I’ve been trying to figure out my organization and ended up buying a planner. I know, old school, but what can I say? I’m old. I did rent a copy of my organic and bio chem book on my ipad so does that up my tech cred? I didn’t think so. Anyway, as I was putting my class schedule into my planner, I noticed that my wednesday session doesn’t exist so I have a day completely free of classes to do homework or clean or lay flat on my butt watching TV and eating bon bons. Sadly, my 1:00 Friday session for the same class is still in session. I’d rather have Wednesday. Oh well.

On the gondala

It could be worse, you could have my stress–coloring, playing, puzzles, watching the same 5 episodes over and over–it’s a tough life.


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