The Progress of a Snail

I’m currently working on 3 knitting projects. Of course, when I say “working on” I mean they are in various bags or strewn about and I’m thinking about them intently, but not really picking up the needles.

I’m still working on the Husband’s socks, and I don’t think I’ve picked them up since last month? Maybe May? I’m wary of them. The problem is, I knit the foot and heel and had the Husband try them on (one reason I love toe-up socks). Sadly, my husband has…odd…feet. Love you dear!!! And your feet!!!! Kisses (er, not your feet)! His feet are long, like state of California long, but his feet are the same width as mine. Unfortunately, the part of the foot that sort of expands into the heel and then ankle, (you know where your foot has more width?) is well, ginormous. Not abnormally so, but compared to my foot with the same width. When I knit the sock the first time it was too short in length, perfect in the narrow sections, and not wide enough for the the thicker part. I decided to do more increases to lead into the heel, but I’m afraid of it not working. Which is why it’s been in time out for a while. I really should pick it back up to see if it will even work. I am just afraid of having to frog again.

These socks, to be exact.

These socks, to be exact.

I’ve started my Elina shawl and it’s going well, just slow. Hopefully it works out because I cannot stand to rip out another shawl that is using 3 yarns at once. I may just burn it first, and I can because now that it’s stockinette I have a TON of yarn left over to knit 3 of these things. On the plus side, it is really easy and brainless right now so I’m enjoying working on it.

I’ve also finally started OP’s flower hat. The one I hoped to have done last winter. It’s my first foray into double knitting after taking a class. It started to look good with beautiful double knit stitches, but now that I’m in the flower, it’s not looking right. It’s uneven or something so there is space between stitches that shouldn’t be there. I may take it off the needles to block and see if that’s all it needs. Or I may stop by my LYS to talk to them. Of course, that’s dangerous. If I stop by my LYS for help, then I feel I must buy yarn. I could get more of this yarn, because apparently I have to make matching mittens for someone.

OP's Double Knit Flower Hat

It only took 50 tries to get to this point!

I hope I can get out of this funk, fear, or whatever it is and just start knitting these projects. Maybe I’ll start another project or 7.

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