Sis boom crash

I have had three major accidents in my life. I say major because I’ve had a couple minor accidents where there’s really no damage. Like the time I couldn’t stop on an icy hill and bumped into the back of some woman’s car. I did honk my horn on the way down in hopes she’d hear me, look, and then drive into oncoming traffic on the busy road so I wouldn’t hit her. Of course, she probably would have been hit by someone else on that busy road. Not necessarily my greatest plan in retrospect, but at the time it was genius. We bumped bumpers, saw no damage, and went on our way. Again, minor accident.

My first major accident was a while back. An old lady pulled out of my beautiful little Mazda and my car was totaled. The second accident was at my daughter’s 3 year birthday party (this past year) when a teenager couldn’t control her car in a bad storm and hit the back of my new parked car (we were inside, thankfully). The car shall henceforth be called the cursed car, btw. You’ll see why.

A couple weeks ago, while I was in a left turn lane at a RED LIGHT waiting for it to turn green (that is STOPPED and not moving), a little old lady crashed into a guy on the main road and then both cars turned to crash into me. Or one crashed into me. I’m a bit fuzzy on that detail. No air bags deployed so it was relatively low speed. Needless to say, I’m afraid of little old ladies driving at the moment.

Was the guy fine? Yes. The little, 80 year old lady? Of course! Me? No. Apparently, my neck decided to be a cliche. The left side of my neck (my sternocleidomastoid – thank you anatomy class!) started hurting 5 minutes after the crash. The pain is mostly gone, but I’m still getting tired easily which is effectively pissing me off. After a weekend of a lot of sleep, I felt great enough to mow on Monday and Tuesday, which must have been too much because I’m tired again. I’ve decided that starting today, I’m flipping off my tired old self and just doing things anyway. We’ll see how long that lasts. I’m quite the baby.

On the upside, I’m fine and everyone in the accident was fine, at least at the time of the accident. OP was not in the car, and cars can be replaced. Plus, I didn’t cry and the Husband made it to the accident before the cops. He’s a very good husband.


When I’m a big girl, I will wear your clothes and soon I’ll drive a car! (actual quote)


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