I can’t think of a title

Yesterday, OP asked to see how the spinning wheel worked so I got to spend a couple minutes using it. I forgot how much I love it. I would have kept going except, she started trying to grab some of the moving parts (a broken finger would be bad) and the yarn wasn’t pulling through well. When I started using my wheel years and years ago, the yarn wasn’t pulling and I had figured it out. I don’t remember what I did so back to the research.

Knitting has been pretty much non-existant. I’m working on toe-up socks for the Husband and I had to rip out a bit because the foot was too small. I do love toe up socks because he can try them on, but I hate ripping out so they are kind of in a time out. I could start a second project, but I’m just in a funk and have no interest in knitting. I really need to find something to get my mojo back. I’m sure starting that second project will bring the mojo back, but I can’t start unless I get out of the funk long enough to start. It’s a viscous circle. Maybe I’ll start one of the shawls or OP’s winter hat or my winter hat or the arm warmers in my head or write up a pattern I want to try selling or or or. I think I have too many projects.

In other news, my anatomy 1 class is done. Anatomy 2 starts on Monday with a new teacher who I hope decides homework and lab reports are too much for a 6 week summer class or I may be in trouble. Sadly, my anatomy 1 class is no longer on blackboard so I have no idea what I got on my final nor my grade. That means I have to wait for snail mail to send my final grade. Stupid snail mail. I should knit to get my frustrations out. Um…what should I knit?

Even after a growth spurt, I can't fit into Daddy's sock.

Even after a growth spurt, I can’t fit into Daddy’s sock.

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