Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow.

Who’s bright idea was it to take an anatomy 1 class in 6 weeks? Oh right, me.

It’s actually not too bad, just a lot of information and memorization in a REALLY short amount of time. Plus I now know what it feels like to sprain one’s brain, because I’m pretty sure I did it. Literally. On the upside, I’m crushing it. 3 tests and each a 94 (oddly enough) AND I got a 110 out of 110 on a lab practical. Only 1 practical, 1 test, and the final to go. Now, before you start thinking that I know every bone, muscle, or nerve in the body (I don’t) or that I’m an anatomy super-genius (ha!), we’re really only focusing on the basics and a bit more in class. I just hope I don’t need much more than the basics for my nutrition classes.

So, yes. These past few weeks have been mostly studying, but also a lot of cleaning. It’s weird. I feel like a “housewife” and I don’t like it. Warning: If me using the word housewife and being annoyed by the label offends you, there’s a close button on all browsers. Click it. Or better yet, go here and think happy thoughts.

See, before I became a student I was an earner. I made a decent salary and contributed financially to our household. If something happened I could support myself and family for an extended period of time. Now, I can’t. I make almost no money and it bothers me, and I never expected it to actually bother me. I’m dependent on my husband and feel obligated to run every little thing past him because I don’t see it as my money when before it was ours. I suddenly feel not quite as equal as I once was.

Of course he thinks I’m crazy and I think I’m crazy, but I guess I don’t see people who voluntarily stay at home as equal to someone who works. It’s a starling discovery. When I had a job, I thought men and women could work or stay at home and  contribute to the family equally. Or at least, that’s what I thought I thought. Now that I’m not working? I feel lesser.

Yes, I’m a student, but that’s really just semantics to me.  I wouldn’t change what I’m doing–I would still quit my job and go back to school. I am in LOVE with what I am learning and really enjoying it. I wish I had taken a bio class in college, but then again, I probably would have hated it then. Will I love anatomy 2? I hope so. Will I love my nutrition courses? Again, I hope so, but if I don’t I now know that biology is something I actually enjoy. Will the crazies become so overwhelming that I find it necessary to burn a bra to prove my equality? Very possibly, but knowing me, I’d burn the house down with it. In any case, I’m enjoying myself and studying with OP who thinks pictures of actual brains and muscles are really cool and will sometimes call her fingers phalanges. I think that’s a win if nothing else.


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