FO: Toe-up Purple Socks

Pattern: Toe-Up Socks With a Difference by Wendy D. Johnson
Yarn:Ellen’s Half Pint Farm
Needles: US 1

FO Friday!!!! I’m finally getting this post up after about 3 months of having the project done. Go me.

I love the increase to the heel on these socks.

I love the increase to the heel on these socks.

My lovely friend YarnKettle and I took a magic loop and toe-up socks class at our local LYS. It was all in one, not one class on magic loop and one on toe ups. It was two sessions and like the dummy I can be, I had the wrong time for the first one. THANK the stars she called me up to say she was caught in traffic or I would have been very sad indeed. I don’t have a link to her finished socks from the class because girl makes a ton of socks and I only have so much time to search. Plus she probably finished them like a week after the last class.

I had tried toe-up socks before the class and liked them, but magic loop and I just did not get along. I tried magic loop for other projects before and then promptly dumped her sorry butt because I don’t have time for fussy techniques that are more work than they are worth. When I saw the magic loop class offered, I decided one more booty call was in order, but this time a booty call with an education.

Getting ready to watch classic Doctor Who in the backround.

Getting ready to watch classic Doctor Who in the backround.

The teacher was…well, I’m not sure. I learned a lot from her, but I wasn’t thrilled with her style. She often took projects out of the students’ hands to show us how to do whatever it was we were struggling with, rather than let us do it ourselves. While that’s not bad and is a valid teaching method, I prefer to try the technique with the teacher watching to gain muscle memory. She also kind of trashed double points because YOU’LL POKE YOUR EYE OUT and they are confusing. Yes, they can be similar to eating at a Chinese buffet with a dozen chopsticks at once, but when you figure it out you feel awesome and can kill anyone who would take your dumpling with one of those chopsticks. And I never poked my eye out, a chin maybe or um, my chest, or a hand, but never an eye. Of course, I do wear glasses so maybe that’s why.

Anyway, I learned the magic loop method with this class, and baby, we’re getting married! The stars aligned our timing was right and the technique forgave me all my transgressions. I feel like I’m knitting a bit faster with the one needle rather than the 5. Oh don’t get me wrong, I’ll still be using my double points on the side. It is an open marriage after all, but I totally appreciate the relationship now and am committed to my magic loop baby more than just a mere booty call.

Okay, I think the filler I used on the molding this morning has gone to my head.

The heels and a mess

The heels and a mess

Anyway, so these are the socks I made in the class and I really, really like them. Remember a couple FOs ago, I said these socks were the best fitting socks EVAR! I was wrong. These socks are the best fitting ever. The pattern is super easy to understand and it just fit my foot like a dream. I think the only problem I had was mis-measuring my foot making them perfectly fit the Husband’s size 12 (men’s) foot. Yikes! He would have taken them, but hell no. The yarn is Ellen’s Half Pint Farm and I just love their yarn. Thankfully I still have a few skeins left and maybe I’ll make the Husband socks from those, but I doubt it. I’m not that nice.

I love the color

I love the color


One thought on “FO: Toe-up Purple Socks

  1. I really like your socks! Gorgeous photos!!
    I tried to knit the Cirque socks a few months ago and ran into the issue where the circumference was 80-something stitches around. They just took so long to knit that I frogged them. I couldn’t stand it.

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