And so it begins…

I’m three days into Anatomy and Physiology 1 and being an unemployed, full-time student. So far, I’m tired. Of course, that’s probably because I was up last night thanks to a very loud thunderstorm or I’m getting sick or I’m not getting quite enough sleep with a 5:45 wake up or my husband’s home sick this afternoon and I just want to snuggle. It’s also a dreary raining day which always saps energy.

I was very nervous about Anatomy and Physiology. Am I again going to be the old lady in the room? Yes. Is anyone going to talk to me? Yes. Will I have a willing lab partner? Yes! WIll I vomit in the first thing we dissect? No.

I have not done a dissection in mumble mumble (double digit) years. Our first day at lab, we dissected a rat. Way to dive right in. Thankfully, I did not pass out, especially since I have a massive fear of mice and rats. To conquer my fears, I decided to go on my own and dissect the rat by myself. I had a boy. He apparently had an impending bowel movement before death. That was one HUGE large intestine (That’s what she said). It was pretty cool, didn’t smell as much as I remember, and I didn’t get squirted in the eye or pass out or anything. Fortunately, we have only one other dissection (supposedly) this term (an eyeball or something). Unfortunately, now I see squirrels, chipmunks, etc in the yard and I want to start dissecting. Weird, right?

Fortunately we don’t have homework, just lots of reading and tests. The biggest problem with my class is it’s only 6 weeks. That’s right. 6. Weeks. Oy. I feel like I’m starting 30 minutes after the slowest person in the race and just trying desperately to catch up. Not because I don’t know the stuff, I actually know a lot of it so far from my previous classes, but it’s just SO MUCH in such a short time. Tomorrow we are supposedly getting a study list for the first test and I think that will help. Right now, I’m just trying to study or read at least an hour a day. If I can keep that up, especially more than an hour, I should start feeling better. And then it will be time for Anatomy and Physiology 2. Huzzah!

Lab and class are my mornings Monday through Thursday (stalker alert!). I’ve been trying to take care of house stuff in the afternoons. So far it’s going well. I’ve mowed, exercised, cleaned bathrooms, and done laundry on top of studying. I just have to remember that I can’t do everything in a day. I need to pick one thing–vacuum the first floor or weed, not both–and that’s all I do. If I can keep it up, I think I will feel less frustrated with my dirty, disgusting house and still be on top of the homework. I just have to remember that I’m only human.


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