One more thing…

When 2013 started, I wrote that 2012 was not a good year. And it was, for reasons mostly unstated on this blog. Okay, fine. I was a secret agent and I lost my partner when we went after a laptop and there was a kill order on us both. Only, the government dropped bombs to eradicate us both.

Wait, no. “That’s Person of Interest”. Sorry

2013 did get off to a decent start and has overall been a much better year, but I kept getting sick—flu-like illness, bronchitis, cold, laryngitis, sinus infection, pink eye— OP had some health-related things, and a class that I didn’t take for a grade and only did homework in, but somehow was all-encompassing. I also decided not to take any vacation February through May, because I get two weeks of pay from HR and had just under two weeks left  and I feel guilty for going back to school and thus not taking in a salary which would just about get me a paycheck through the month of May.

Am I a whining enough yet? No? Don’t worry, I will be.

Thanks to all these things and a bit more, I have felt amazingly far behind on everything to do with my house. Outside is crazy wild and filled with weeds. Inside is disgusting. As soon as we start to get things taken care of, life interrupts. It was so exciting the weekend before last, because we actually got things done! I know! It was awesome. Then on Monday, through a confluence of events, it all went to pot. Darn confluence of events.

I’m hoping that the summer classes are light enough that I can get things done around the house. I’m not holding my breath, because then I’ll be annoyed when I don’t have time to eat bon-bons and knit. Or, um, clean, mow, weed, and get projects done around the house. I’ll be busy all the time cleaning and stuff. No bon-bons for me. Yup. Nothing relaxing. Anyone take classes over the summer? Are they a time suck? I suspect it depends on the class. Either way, I’m hoping removing the work element for the most part will give life a bit more breathing room. If not, I’ll just complain more often!

I won't tell anyone anything. Unless they offer me Kielbasa. Then it's all over.

I won’t tell anyone anything. Unless they offer me Kielbasa. Then it’s all over.


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