Changing Seasons

Wasn’t there a Wilson Phillips song that went, “Seasons change. People change.” or something like that? Wait, I just admitted that I know a Wilson Phillips song. Um, I won’t admit that I may have a CD. Um, I actually can’t admit it because I can’t remember and I’m too lazy to get off the couch. So lets just say I don’t (but I probably do).

Or maybe it was Debbie Gibson?

Anyway, so seasons change, and it’s changing for me. I am officially leaving my job and going back to school. Yay! My last day is May 17 and I start school the week after. Crazy, right? I’m excited and scared and about 20 other feelings. I’m worried it’s a mistake, but worried if I don’t try I will regret it. What if I can’t find my classroom? What if I have to give a report and then realize I’m only in my underwear!?!

Did I mention what I’m going to school for? No, see I just got a C for a coherent post! I’m going back for nutrition with the intent to get my dietitian certification. That’s about 3 years of school. I hope anatomy class doesn’t make me faint. At least anatomy is this summer so I’ll get it out of the way.

It’s going to be tight financially around here for a while. I’m trying to figure out how to save and cut money corners. I know I should do coupons, but I dread that. Plus, do I get coupons in the mail? Do I have to find them online? How else can I save?

I’ve also started researching food options. I’m going to be out and about at classes most days and I won’t have access to refrigeration. I will have ice packs, but that’s it. When I was a kid I had PB&J every day because everything else would go bad, I think. At least that was what I was told, but maybe it was financial reasons. Anyway, can I pack more than PB&J? From what I’ve seen online, I can. People do meat, cheese, sushi, and more. So, will I die from food poisoning if I do as well?

Also, I need breakfasts on the go. Smoothies? Muffins? IVs? Augh!

Yeah, this post is a little chaotic, but that’s where my brain is right now. So, if you have answers, I’d love to hear them. At least I have time to figure it all out. I hope. Maybe. It’s really only about 4 weeks. I definitely need to go to sleep. *sigh*


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