Microwaving Dog Poop

Fun fact! I don’t actually microwave dog poop, but that is the sort of week it has been. Our offices are moving to a new and very horrible location on campus and it is hell. That is all I will say in case someone from work were to read this. Maybe the title should be flaming dog poop?

Remember in the 80s or whenever (shut up you youngins) when microwave cooking was the New Coke of the cooking world? There were cookbooks and it was, like, totally awesome and fast. Then people realized that the food was more like dog poop (see what I did there?) than edible food.

Flash back to now and microwave cooking is back!!! Sort of. Well, okay. For me it is back. Blame Pinterest, for I found the first recipe there. What recipe you ask? Chocolate chip cookie in a cup. It is quick to make and quick to cook, and it comes out pretty darn good. Plus, you don’t need a large amount of each ingredient, just  a bit of this and that.

And why wasn't I given any of this? You people are poopy heads!

And why wasn’t I given any of this? You people are poopy heads!

I’ve also started making egg whites in a mug for breakfast. It’s super easy and I’m not getting a pan dirty. Simply coat your mug with some sort of no stick thing (I use an oil spray). Put the egg whites in the mug. Throw it into your microwave for 30-60 seconds (Your microwave is probably better than mine). Stir a bit if you like. If it’s not done, put it in for another 30-60 seconds. Keep doing this until you have cooked eggs. At one of your checks or at the end, add spices (I like chives!) and cheese. Once it looks solid, you are done. Pop that sucker out and make a sandwhich or eat with a fork. If you really want, put it on your head and sing, “I’m a little teapot.” I won’t tell, but it is best that you do the last one without others around. You may end up committed. No muss, no fuss, and only 1 mug to wash. I haven’t poisoned myself yet so I think it’s okay.

My mother said "totally awesome."

My mother said “totally awesome.”


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