All About Shawls

Hey! It’s Friday. What? Were you expecting something?

Remember a few weeks ago how I decided to rip out a shawl I had been making for months? I’m still ripping it out. Holy crap is it a pain. I’m trying to wind back 3 strands not always of the same color without making a knot (and I’m quite talented at making knots when I frog). I think I only have a 3rd left. Then I will be knitting that again. Only prettier.

A few weeks ago, I was trying to figure out what shawl to make and posted a poll. People actually voted! I know, I’m as shocked as you. 16 people voted and the results are:

Poor, poor Maluka.

So. The question now becomes, do I listen to the voters and go with the Silver Leaves Shawlette or do I ignore the majority and go with a different one? Don’t be sad, but I’m going rebel! That’s right, a rebel without a clue! See how free and alive I am by ignoring what you all said?

Well, okay, not quite. The more I looked at them, the more two of the shawls just really connected. Of course, they were the least voted on shawls. I like to think that it’s because I’m an individual and dance to the beat of a different drummer. More like,  Zumba to the beat of a different drummer. A very horrible and crazy drummer.

I’m going to make the Cotton Baram Boo Kudzu Shawlette (4 votes) first. One of the photos on the Ravelry page just resonated with me; and since,  I have always wanted to try to make something with beads but haven’t done it yet, I thought now was the time.


Is this not beautiful?

As of right now, I’m going to make it with the gray yarn I bought at Rhinebeck.


X, Mommy! The yarn looks like the letter X!

The color may be too dark for the design, so I still need to swatch it out to make sure it’s the right yarn for the job. Otherwise, I have a bazillion other skeins. One may work. Maybe one of my greens. We’ll see.

I also really, really like poor, unloved Maluka (1 vote). It’s just simple and clean and I love the 3 lace stitches in the edging. It will most likely be made with leftover yarn from Knitpicks. Assuming I have enough left.


I’ve used at least one skein from this picture.

So, I’m sorry voters that I’m completely and utterly ignoring your responses. Just pretend that it’s backwards day and that I’m actually making the winners but saying I’m going to make the losers. I really do love all 4 shawls so I suspect the other two will be made sooner than later.

And special thanks to Tryslora and Yarnkettle for leaving comments. Hearing your perspectives really helped. Tryslora gets gluten- and carb-free cookies and Yarnkettle gets cookies that taste good!


10 thoughts on “All About Shawls

  1. I’d have done the same, it looks stunning in each colour and way of wearing it. I can just see that grey being set off with silver beads, and the image is so powerful it makes me wonder why I’m nt really into grey.

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