They blinded me with science

I mentioned in a previous post that I am taking chemistry (not for a grade, but I still need an A). I haven’t taken chemistry in…wait for it…18+ years. I think I’m officially old. The first time I took chem, I struggled and was lost more often than not. All I remember was the teachers at the front of the room and a kid who seemed to eat his face (don’t ask).

Times have changed. I get it. I even like it. I’m as shocked as you. This time through it just makes sense and explains so much. I wish I could say I was smarter or wiser from life experience, but honestly? It’s the internet. If I don’t get it, I google it and voila! it makes sense. Think i have the right compound or formula? Google it and double check! Why didn’t they have it when I was in college!

I mean, we did have the internet, but it was smaller. At least, I think it was smaller. Maybe I just never knew enough to search online. Wait, does that mean I am smarter and wiser?


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