We interrupt our regularly scheduled FO Friday to give you, Froggy Friday!!!!

Do you see Kermit the Frog yelling “YAY!!!,” too?

Years and years ago, the Sister gave me a beautiful shawl kit.


All those colors!

The shawl was made by stranding 3, uh, strands of yarn together and slowly switching each out with the next color up. As you continue to do that, you get this soft, beautiful color change from dark into light. I LOVED the color concept, but kind of hated the pattern. (sorry, sister!) So the kit remained in my bin for a while. Yes, I didn’t have to make the shawl in the kit, but I was afraid of veering because of the color feature. What if it didn’t work in most patterns?

Then, while cataloging my yarn, I realized that I didn’t hate the shawl itself, just the edging. The inside was basic and if I could find the right edging, I’d have a pretty shawl I could wear. So, I cast on in July and worked on this in the background of a bazillion other projects.

Training class

Color ch-ch-changes

And then last week at gymnastics, I decided I wasn’t in love. I was making something that was good enough.  I knew if I wasn’t in love, I’d probably never really wear it. For several months I would knit this shawl and would look at each leftover skein and think about making Clapotis with the same color fading. If I was dreaming about making another shawl, I knew I would not wear this one. And if I was dreaming about another shawl, I knew I could make a different pattern with this technique. Of course, I also blame the Eliina Shawl.

Eliina shawl

Is this not absolutely beautiful? (not my photo, obviously)

So my original shawl is to be frogged and this will be made in it’s place, assuming a test of the edging looks okay. Now that I know how to work the color transitions, I feel confident working on a different pattern. Now I’m excited about what it’s going to make.


Goodbye little shawl. You are going to a better place.


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