Knitting in public

Before I start rambling I have to tell you I’m typing this on my iPad using a wireless keyboard in the living room while watching a movie from Netflix. The future is here, people! Of course I thought that last week in class when they handed out clickers in my chem class. Flying cars are next!

So, on to the ramble…

OP takes gymnastics once a week. She’s actually pretty good and I suspect she’ll be in the 2020 olympics. Of course, she’ll only be 11 in 2020 so she’ll be the youngest olympian gold medalist. She’ll also win the Kona Ironman at 9 and be Doctor President. At this age, the class requires one parent on the floor acting as the child’s coach. Which is good for the teacher, but bad for the parents. It’s a lot of work running around after kids who want to climb on everything they shouldn’t. To counteract the total exhaustion, the Husband and I alternate weeks. That is, one sits and watches while the other gets to reign in a crazy 3-year-old who is super excited to be there.

I love when I get the week off, because I have a full hour to knit! The thing that amazes me is no other parents knit or crochet. None! I’d expect at least one other person to be playing with fiber. I mean there are dozens of parents and even some grandparents. Maybe I just have a large percentage of friends who knit or crochet so my expectations may be a little skewed. Still, it would be nice to have another gymnastics parent to talk yarn to.

That is, assuming they talk to me. I very rarely have anyone approach me when I knit in public, so may be it’s a moot point. I must look very scary when I knit or maybe I just look deep in thought. Do other crafty readers get approached much in public?

Everyone will talk to you if you wear fake green hair!


4 thoughts on “Knitting in public

  1. I get approached only when it’s inconvenient, which is most of the time. Knitting when not with another knitter is my zen time.

  2. I get approached but that may be because my version of public is different? I was knitting at the county fair, and a lovely older lady started talking to me about how I should submit my knitting to the ribbon competition next year. And otherwise, I knit at parties… which generally means my TKD friends are boggled that I’m in a corner knitting and talking happily… except for one friend of a friend (a dude, too!) who sat down and started talked yarn with me. Best party ever, actually. He was cool. But I do find that people are more likely to talk to me when I’m reading or writing while waiting for kids, rather than when I’m knitting. Of course, I’d rather be bothered when knitting!!

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