Help me decide my shawlette!

I want to make a shawlette, or mini shawl. I’m planning to use the  Fiber Optic Yarns in graphite that I picked up at Rhinebeck. I’ve been searching for a good pattern on Ravelry for quite a while and I’ve finally found 4 that I like. Except, I can’t figure out which one to make. So I’m trying a poll. Tell me what you think I should make. Or not, and then this post will look sadly pathetic *insert sad dog eyes here*

And yes, I still need to make my hat and OP’s hat. All in good time.


3 thoughts on “Help me decide my shawlette!

  1. I voted for the half circle, but the kudzu one is way cool, too. They are totally different styles… the half circle seems to be more of a traditional shawl, yes? I loved the way the kudzu one looked in pictures as a wraparound, but the half circle just seemed like WOW all spread out and as a simple wrap. (Totally rambling, but you already know you can ignore me if you wish *grins*)

  2. Will it bother you if it is a long slow process? If not I vote camping shawl.
    If you’re looking for something quicker I vote Maluka.
    The silver leaves one is pretty but there is a join line that bothers me. The plain portion may be grafted or stitches picked up to do the lace portion.
    Whatever you decide it will be lovely.

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