FO: Legwarmers

Pattern: Super-Easy Leg Warmers (sort of)
Yarn: Classic Elite Yarns Alpaca Sox
Needles: US 1

It’s FO Friday!!! That’s two weeks in a row! Top that! Yeah, I know.


At a distant Rhinebeck (maybe 4 years ago), I went Alpaca Sox crazy. I bought 3 different colorways that I JUST HAD TO HAVE and then never touched them. When I looked at them while cataloging my stash, I wondered what the heck was I thinking? I must have been high on fumes. They are nice, but not really something that I had to have. I took my least favorite of the 3 and made something for OP (Optimus Prime for those new to the blog).


OP LOVES yarn. I give her scrap yarn that I would otherwise throw out and she “knits” with it. She also knits with my tape measure. I wanted to make something for her that she would like, would grow with her, and could be adapted if she did hated.


I decided on leg warmers because they don’t have a foot, are super cute, and would be a quit knit. I took a look at the Super-Easy Leg Warmers to see how they did it, then just sort of when on my own pattern. I made the leg warmers wide enough that they could fit on my arm if she didn’t like them or so she could wear them when she was older. I tried to make them long enough to grow with her, but I think at 12 inches it’s a bit short for future OP. The length works for now, but I think I will add a couple more inches after the season is over. I have enough yarn for them. There was some weird pooling and my gauge was off which I blame on trying to relax on a plane flight and then switching to normal gauge. I’m fine with the pooling because this isn’t a project I really care about, which feels horrible to say but is true. It’s a project that will most likely get lost or torn, so it is what it is.


She loved that I was making something for her, which is what I wanted with this project. When I pulled it out it was her yarn. OP seems to like them and wore them several times as soon as they were done; although she hasn’t really worn them much lately. Of course, they ended up in a bag of outdoor winter clothing and were out of line of sight. I’ll put them back in rotation and see what happens. If she doesn’t wear them again, I’ve just scored a new pair of arm warmers!



One thought on “FO: Legwarmers

  1. I love the socks i made from that same yarn (we bought at same time but I don’t remember when). Loved the pooling too but I won’t work with that yarn again.

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