The one where I dreamed about socks

Last night I had the weirdest dream. I was at some event. It may have been a movie or lecture? I’m not sure. I was at this event with a sizable group of people—some were the ladies from my knitting group and others were people I knew only in dream. We were outside in a city-style setting with large buildings, but not as large as NYC or Chicago.

All the people in my group had their knit socks on and no shoes. Apparently, my group had coordinated this to celebrate their socks. I did not want to participate. The ground was cold and who the hell wears socks in the street? There’s glass and dog poop. Socks will get ruined! Besides, no one told me about this and I didn’t bring my socks. But, people had brought extra socks that I could wear (can I say, ew?)! I should do it. I kept declining and they kept pushing until I woke up.

So if you buy into dreams having meaning, what does it mean? Maybe I don’t like to display my knitting? Maybe I’m ashamed of my sock work? Maybe I have a higher standard of hygiene because socks in the street would be yucky? Wait, I walk into the garage in socks all the time and that is one dirty garage.

I have no idea what it means, but it’s been stuck with me all day.


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