FO: Charity Hat

Pattern: Marcie’s Epilogue
Yarn: Forest Edge Farm Angora
Needles: ??? US 10, maybe? I need to keep better track of these things.


Warning: bad phone picture to port.

It’s FO Friday!!! Do you see what I did there? I declared Fridays to be FO Fridays!!! I suspect it’s only going to last about 4 weeks, maybe 5, until I run through the queue of finished projects. I doubt I’m going to keep up the trend, but still. Work with me.

Remember  Operation Provide Warmth? I think they are still accepting items. I made this hat for them in hopes someone who is going through an extremely rough winter would have something warm and super snuggly on their heads. And this yarn is super snuggly. A coworker gave the angora to me when she realized she was allergic. It’s like petting the actual bunny it came from.

Last I heard from the OPW site (which I think was around Christmas), people are still without power. That’s right. No power in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. So if you can knit/crochet something really, really fast go do it and send it to the coordinator.


Oh look, I’m trying to look like a teenager.



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