Well, I’m behind

Dear 2012, Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

2012 was not a good year. It could have been worse, but now it’s over and I’m done with it. It’s time to move on to 2013 and hope for better. I’m not going to dwell on the past.

Yeah, right. Who am I kidding.

So last year I started the year with goals–go through my yarn stash, exercise consistently, and post at least once a week. So how did I do? Meh. Will I do them again? Maybe.

Goal 1:  Yarn

I have no idea how many items of yarn I had listed in Ravelry (I’m Kisknit over there, if you care) when I started my de-stashing endeavor. I think it was around 70, but I can’t find the exact number and the child is sleeping and I have 30 more things to do before she wakes up and darn, I’m hungry. *ahem* I pretty much followed the rules. I only bought yarn if I had a specific project to do, and I tried to limit myself at yarn fests. I had gotten myself down to around 60 items by Rhinebeck, but that and some projects have brought me back to 68. I could blame the Cookie A. Sock Club for my stash going back up, but that was a gift so it doesn’t count. Really, the culprit was Rhinebeck. I did get 6 skeins after all, but I was mostly in control and had projects in mind for all but 1!

Does this read as pathetic and addicted as it sounds in my head? For 2013, I’m going to keep stash busting. I’m not doing any yarn clubs this year so hopefully I will get below 60. That’s my goal anyway. That and to limit the yarn to the yarn bin. See, a while back, the Husband’s parents bought an old, wood magazine, um, thing from an antique store and gave it to him. He threw my yarn in. Originally, the rule was the yarn had to be contained in that bin. I think that lasted about 6 months, and then it spilled into the cedar chest as well as the yarn bin. When OP was mobile, she LOVED the yarn and would pull it and hand it to people, throw it, etc. She was reasonably good with it, but after a while, I decided she would be doing damage and put all the yarn in the cedar chest.

OP with yarn

You can sort of see the bin in this picture.

Today, I pulled out the yarn bin, because OP’s getting very good about leaving things alone (we’ll see how long it lasts) and we could use the extra storage in the cedar chest for blankets and the like. So my goal is to eventually get back to a stash that only fits in that. I figure by 2021 I’ll be there.

Goal 2: Exercise consistently

This was hit or miss in 2012, and while that’s not a bad thing because sometimes life is hit or miss, I’d still like to be a bit more consistent and not put work before my health. I did, however do a half-marathon in October and I mostly liked it. I liked the running part, not really the race part. I’m pulling back on races for the time being and just getting out to run. I actually LOVE going out to run for 8 miles. Yeah, I think I’m a pod person too.

Goal 3: Update once a week

Hold on while I start laughing…still laughing…I can’t stop…I have to pee!

Yeah, that didn’t happen. I would like to be more consistent here because one cannot dominate the world, if one does not post on a regular basis. It’s like, political science or something. We’ll see what happens this year.

I think I pulled a muscle from laughing so hard…


2 thoughts on “Well, I’m behind

  1. You forgot to mention how much your “friends” liked taking your yarn out of the basket too. In my defense, I did not throw the yarn around. Maybe OP is not the real reason you put your yarn away.

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