FO: Doctor Who Potholders

Pattern: My own
Yarn: Brown Sheep Nature Spun Spor
Needles: ??? US 8, maybe?

Several years ago, I made a Doctor Who scarf for a friend. As most projects go, I had extra yarn. Unfortunately, since the Doctor Who scarf uses 7 different colors, I had a lot of extra yarn, but not really a lot of a single color. I had a skein of purple, part of a red, two green, etc. So, what to do with an odd assortment? I made a felted Doctor Who bag which I’m still finishing up. I thought for sure it would finish the yarn I had left. Yeah right. Doctor Who yarn is much like the TARDIS–bigger on the inside than it looks. So I thought I would use up the excess yarn by making potholders.

So three potholders later, and I’ve used up the yarn. Except for some odds and ends that OP uses to pretend she’s knitting. I did one mitered potholder, although it seemed to get drunk at the end (or my gauge went crazy) because it was a diamond shape. Which, quite honestly, I didn’t care about too much because it was getting felted and I have scissors! The other two were just random patterns since I wasn’t sure how much yarn I’d have left. And since I thought teach potholder would be the last, I didn’t want to rely too heavily on a set pattern.

If you’ve never made or used felted pot holders, do it. They are AWESOME.  They block the heat. repel water, and are easy to clean. Extra bonus is that you can try techniques you’ve been thinking about and not worry too much if it goes to Hell. The only thing I hate is that I didn’t make them sooner.



One thought on “FO: Doctor Who Potholders

  1. I felted some of my early practice knitting squares. They do make the best pot holders! As a bonus I use them while camping too since wool self extinguishes. I don’t have to worry as much about fire.

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