Every day I’m shuffling

Hey, Ravelers. Have you heard about Operation Provide Warmth? It’s a drive for handmade items for people affected by Hurricane Sandy. It’s getting cold in the northeast so a blanket, hat, scarf, mittens, and even a sweater may be useful. I bet a little handmade doll would be comforting for kids, but I’d ask the coordinator before you make that.

The month of November has been busy but a great learning experience. I took an online PHP 2 class 3 days a week and shadowed several clinical dietitians at a local hospital. From the PHP class, I learned that I hate online classes. Unless I just hate PHP. It’s a tough call. Although, I did get a TON of knitting done during class.

The job shadow was awesome. I was able to see both the good, the bad, and the crazy. The paperwork is immense and the knowledge needed (drugs, food, surgeries, diseases, etc) is scary, but going on rounds to talk with patients was awesome. I really liked it. I only focused on long-term and in patient care. My favorite was long-term care because you get to form a relationship with your patient. Unfortunately, because long-term care is for elderly, I can see that one would be extremely sad as your patients eventually die. I did not have an opportunity to try out patient. That would have been interesting.

Both the PHP class and the job shadow will help to inform the next steps I take switching careers, but I just can’t figure out what.

On top of all that, I kept starting projects before I finished the old ones. I did finished the Norwegian Star Scarf as you can see in my last post. I also finished a hat for Operation Provide Warmth, which I need to write up. I also made some pot holders out of the leftover Doctor Who bag. Apparently Doctor Who yarn is much like the tardis. There was more yarn on the inside of the skein than on the out! The Doctor Who bag itself is knit and felted, but I need to add grommets and fabric. It’s beautiful, oddly enough and the fabric just came in this week so hopefully I’ll be getting back to it soon, but it really depends on the ability to pull out the sewing machine when the little one isn’t going to want to help.

In the meantime, I’m still working on a shawl, a blue and purple sock, started a purple-only sock for a magic loop class, and a hat for OP. I’m planning to start a hat next week for me and leg warmers for OP. Oh, and probably hand warmers for her too. She needs hand warmers with big goofy flowers or something. She likes big goofy flowers.


I hate everything you think I like, so your goofy flowers will be for naught.


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