Rhinebeck 2012

**warning: boring post**

As we all know, the world stood still about a month ago when I did not buy yarn when surrounded at a yarn festival. With the Rhinebeck Wool and Sheep Festival last weekend, I stepped up to the plate and hit a triple. That’s a horrible analogy, but basically, I bought yarn. Not too much, but enough. I’m back baby!


I drove down with the Sister (left) and  Yarnkettle (her posts here and here).

We left super early in the morning and stopped at every rest stop on the way because we have tiny bladders and one of us (*ahem*) is addicted to wanted Starbucks. Even with our repeated stops, we made it about 15 minutes early. Sadly, it was WARM. No sweater for me.


While we waited in line, I played with my camera’s panorama setting.

Once they opened the doors we plowed over ever last person ahead of us in line. It was horrific. Elbows, feet, I even saw some needles flashed at people to get them out of the way. Well, not really. Everyone was patient and nice and orderly. Quite dull.


Dull, until we saw the bunny with breasts! It was odd. I didn’t get them in the picture. You’re welcome.

I started off slow, afraid to buy anything for fear of finding the PERFECT skein after buying dozens, but then there were yarn fumes and I went crazy!!!! Okay, 6 skeins of yarn is not crazy. All but one was planned, and that one was because I couldn’t decide on yarn for a hat. I also bought 1 shawl pin. I don’t know if I’m a shawl pin kind of gal, but I’m going to find out. Of course, I forgot to get a picture of that, but I have yarn pics.

The first 3 items were before lunch


Gray, a green, and gray-ish green. Morning theme, I guess. By this point, we were tired and hungry, and had people to meet! So we found Ezra711 and A Book Chick from our knitting group and had lunch.


I apologize to everyone for our loud, crazy table. Wait, no I don’t.


Looking innocent.

We had felafel from Aba’s Felafel and it was the best felafel I ever had. I plan to eat there next year, but none of you can. I don’t want to wait in a long line.



The afternoon brought blue yarn and exhaustion. I was seriously ready to pass out. Perhaps the 4 hours of sleep the night before was a problem.


Of course, now that I have all this yarny goodness, I can’t knit. My wrist is acting up. I think Karma is toying with me. Karma is mean.


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