I came so close to buying yarn

I had a birthday recently, and for said birthday I received a very generous monetary gift. With it I bought four dresses from my new favorite online clothing store that also just happened to be having a sale (AND I got $20 off!). I have never gotten clothing from this place before so I have no idea how they are, I just love their styles. Anyway, with the sale and my $20 off, I had enough money left over to buy yarn for a cardigan.

I know! My little yarn addict was shaking with joy.

I mean, I did want to make a warm-weather cardigan. And I did nee yarn for it. It was perfectly justified. Never mind the fact that I haven’t finished a project since 1982. Never mind my yarn club keeps sending yarn. It was okay! I had the need.

Then I decided I needed shoes.

*cough* Shoe addict *cough*

To be fair, I realized that I haven’t been knitting much so the yarn would just sit in my yarn chest for 3 years and never see the light of day. Plus, my new dresses, if they fit, do need new shoes.

*cough* shoe addict *cough*

So, to appease my inner yarn addict, let me show off the last 3 skeins of sock club yarn that I’ve forgotten to show off. Plus this will quiet a certain someone who doesn’t believe I have new sock yarn.

April – Socktopus Sokkusu Original

The Husband has already claimed this one. Bastard. It’s 100% merino and quite lovely.


June – The Plucky Knitter Primo Fingering

75% merino wool, 20% cashmere, and 5% nylon, and so darn pretty. Love, love, love.


August – Enchanted Knoll – EKF Fingering

90% superwash merino wool and 10% nylon. I really love the color of this one and can’t wait to see how the fabric knits up.


So I think I will drool over these for a while since I didn’t have much time to drool over them when I got them. And then the first yarn festival is in September and I can buy yarn then!



One thought on “I came so close to buying yarn

  1. All I said was “Pictures or it does not exist” I believed you had new yarn I just wanted to see it so I could calm my own inner yarn addict.
    I can not wait for the September festival, I looked at the vendor list today and I’m already saving some (all my) money.

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