FO: Elenor Cowl

Pattern: Eleanor Cowl
Yarn: Alisha Goes Around Richness of Martens Fingering
Needles: US 3, 4, 6


My knitting wife, Yarnkettle, made a cowl last year or the year before. I thought it was an interesting idea-small, compact, and cozy. When I got this yarn in February from my sock club, I knew I didn’t want to make socks. I mean, it has cashmere and silk. Did I really want that on my calllous-covered feet that would partially appreciate the luxury and partially not even notice that it was even wearing socks. I decided that the yarn must be used for something else. And what better thing to knit in spring, but a cowl that you can’t use for like 9 months!


The pattern is super easy and very beautiful. As I said, the yarn is soft. There were some white flecks that almost looked it didn’t hold onto the die, but once I knit it up, it wasn’t noticeable and blended in nicely without being a detriment to the extremely vibrant red. I definitely hope to buy more Alisha Goes Around in the future and highly recommend you do to. I have half a skein left so I need to figure out what to make. Maybe a hat, but I can’t decide if that’s too matchy matchy.


The cowl seems to fit well, but I won’t know for sure until winter, if we get a winter, about 4 months away.


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