One Class Down, a Bazillion to Go

I finished my exercise science class almost two weeks ago with a final. The last couple months of that class was crazy busy. How do full-time college students do well with 3 more classes on their plate? How did I do it? Oh right, I didn’t have a toddler or a full time job and I half-assed some assignments just to stay above water. With just one class, I was able to really focus on every little thing, which wasn’t necessarily good as my work load tripled, but it did get me an A. I LOVED the class, though, and I’m so happy I had the chance to take it. I’m taking some per-requisites for a local nutrition program that I hope to enter full-time. Unfortunately, I’ll spend a couple years working full time while taking one class which does not make for a stress-free life. Hopefully I have the stamina for it.

After the class was over, I did nothing for two days and then picked up the Hunger Games trilogy. In 8 days I read all 3 books, which is insane for me. Now Diablo 3 is out and I finally got to play last night, seconds after I had finished Mocking Jay. Of course, my online statistics class starts on Monday. Can you not feel the love for this?

Right now I have a little girl trying very hard to nap but talking up a storm and going everywhere, so I will cut this short. I have a few posts planned for the coming weeks that should get me back into the habit of writing.

She was telling me to stop taking pictures. Not gonna happen, child.

No, YOU take a nap, Mommy!


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