Okay, So I’m a Bit Cranky

I think I should warn you first. I’m cranky. Capital C-ranky. I slept badly last night so I’m tired and I’m just annoyed. And no, stupid person in the back, it’s not thanks to Aunt Flo, Aunt Irma, or any other cutesie implied relative. Sometimes chicks just get cranky and it has nothing to do with hormones.

Since I’m in such a foul mood, I decided to do a post on what annoys me about running.

Running Skirts

Do we really have to “girliefy” everything? You are running. Put on a damn pair of pants. If you want, make it pink, flower print, or cute little puppy dogs with hearts and flowers proclaiming how you ruff someone. I don’t care, but at least wear pants. I don’t need a skirt to show people that I’m a girl. That’s what the boobs are for. And speaking of boobs…

Sports Bras

Either women with absolutely no chest or men design sports bras,  because no woman over an A cup would throw on a piece of spandex with a “thick band around the bottom and think that will support a woman with breasts that, if not properly strapped in, will poke her eye out. And yes, there are some good sports bras out there, but they are hard to find and are expensive. When I run, I want the girls so squished down that I look like a prepubescent boy. Why? Because it HURTS otherwise. Things move, things pull, then things hurt, and then you’re blind because a nipple poked your eye out and it’s been left at mile 2 because I’ll be damned if I’m going back to squish it back in and ruin my chance to PR.

The fact that I know about PR, bonking, fartlek, etc.

Need I say more?

Super OP 2.0

You don't know from rough. I have to fight crime every day!


One thought on “Okay, So I’m a Bit Cranky

  1. I love you!!!!
    And for me it is not a case of poking my eye out as much as punching myself in the face over and over again. I sometimes wish they made really wide bands of medical tape so we could just wrap up and go. Oh no wait then at some point I would be ripping tape off nipples. I rescind my idea.

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